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Hitachi Puppet

July 13, 2005

Public Relations Department
Birmingham Public Library

A Hitachi puppet was given to the City of Birmingham by the Sister City Commission of Hitachi, Japan. On July 24, 2004 Sir Hitachi / Lady Hitachi was presented to the Birmingham Public Library. This puppet is reversible and can appear as either a Samurai warrior in full regalia or a beautiful Japanese court lady. It is a hand-made replica of the puppets used in the Hitachi Dashi festival floats and it stands at approximately four feet tall. 

In order to properly display the puppet, Mr. Barry Luther, a retired engineer from Rust Engineering, and Mr. Gordon Graham, a retired Birmingham City employee, volunteered to build a cabinet, which is a work of art in itself.  

Visit the Southern History Department of the Birmingham Public Library to view the Hitachi puppet from our Sister City in Japan and the beautiful display cabinet in which it is housed.

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