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For  immediate release Friday, July 28, 2017
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Winfield & Elinor Burks
205-786-3731 (h) or 205-515-9462 (c)

Five Points West Library hosting Math and Science Fun Day on Saturday, July 29
What: 16th Annual Math and Science Fun Day  
When: 1-4 p.m., Saturday, July 29, 2017 
Where: Five Points West Regional Branch Library, 4812 Ave, W, Birmingham, AL 35208

Details: Winfield & Elinor Burks are hosting the 16th Annual Math and Science Fun Day. Theme: “Water, water, everywhere”featuring importance of this natural resource. Activities will include sciences of weather forecasting, pollution, health, chemistry, physics and engineering. Free to all ages. For information call 205-786-3731. 

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.-The 16th Annual Math and Science Fun Day will be held Saturday, July 29, 2017 from 1-4 p.m. at the Five Points West Library auditorium, 4812 Avenue W, Birmingham, Alabama 35208. This year’s theme is “Water, water everywhere!” which will feature the importance of this usually overlooked product of nature. Activities will touch on the sciences of weather forecasting, pollution, health, chemistry, physics and engineering.

This program is free to all ages and allows youngsters to get involved in kid-friendly, scientifically based, hands-on activities, many of which they can take home and repeat for friends and family. The event will feature knowledgeable and fascinating presenters. Parents are encouraged to remain with their children.

Kids will track the water cycle of nature, learn how to construct a suspension bridge and build a water fountain out of empty water bottles. Mixing water with candy, they will examine principles of run-off. Mixing water with sawdust they will learn the mysteries of Pykcrete, a sawdust iceberg invented during World War II from which planes could be launched. Youth will study magical float and sink experiments.
For the second year, Home Depot will present lessons in creative craft building. WIAT TV42 weather man has promised to come and engage the youth. Lady engineers will take leadership on a number of activities.

“Water can be studied in all its states – solid, liquid, gas,” said Winfield Burks, a retired educator and science geek who will challenge the kids with math puzzles. “The knowledge of water is a fundamental part of science.   What I love is that many of these experiments help you absorb lessons without realizing how much you are learning.”

Burks and his wife, Elinor, host the Ensley Science Club weekly at Ensley Branch Library, a craft program geared towards teens. The Burks coordinate the Annual Math and Science Fun Day.     

JehJeh Pruitt, a reporter for WBRC Fox 6 in Birmingham, interviewed the Burks about this Saturday’s science fair for a story that ran on Friday, July 28. Here is a feature Pruitt did on the 2016 Math and Science Fair:

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