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For immediate release Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017
PIN numbers now needed to log into Birmingham Public Library’s catalog 

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.-Do you have your PIN yet? Effective Aug. 2, 2017, patrons checking out materials in the Birmingham Public Library (BPL) must now use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to log into their account in the BPL system’s catalog. 

BPL is requiring PINs for added security and for better integration with library software developed by third-party vendors. These vendors expect libraries to use PINs. PINs can be from four to eight characters, letters or numbers, but no special characters. They are not case-sensitive.

Staff will assist you in adding a PIN to your account or you can add your own PIN online. If you forget your PIN, you can reset it yourself or ask a staff member for help. Read more about this change at the link below:  
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