Press Release - Detail
Thursday, June 30, 2011
CONTACT: Mia Rutledge
Public Relations Clerk
Birmingham Public Library
Phone: (205) 226-3610
July Brown Bag Lunches @ the Birmingham Public Library

On July 13, July 20, and July 27, the Birmingham Public Library (BPL) hosts its ongoing Brown Bag Lunch series. Each of these Wednesdays at noon, in the Arrington Auditorium of the Linn-Henley Research Library, a program is offered for the lunch-time crowd to enjoy. There is no charge, and the library provides beverages. For more information, call 226-3610.
July 13. Carl Winters, Kalimba King
The kalimba, or African thumb piano, has been featured in unlikely music venues, including the music of Pink Floyd and in the movie soundtrack of ALIENS. The sounds of this ancient instrument are played to perfection by Carl Winters, whose kalimba repertoire includes gospel, jazz, blues, rhythm, and pop music. 

July 20. Cutting Coupons Workshop
Couponing is a great way to cut down on the cost of items you need every
day. Learn how to effectively combine weekly sales and coupons to not
only get what you need, but also to save for the things you want! You can save at least 50% on your grocery bill.

July 27. Creek Walking in Birmingham
James Lowery has been walking through the low-rise sections of Shades Creek since 2005, studying the intricate dynamics of its ecosystem. From the vast wildlife dependent upon the creek’s health to the effects of it being located in an urban environment, Lowery has a fascinating story to tell.
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