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For immediate release Tuesday, August 6, 2013
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Birmingham Public Library                                                                        
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Remembering Seminary Student Killed During Civil Rights Movement in Lowndes County

WHO: Birmingham Public Library
WHAT: August Brown Bag Program / Jonathan Daniels:  Episcopal Martyr of Lowndes County
WHEN: Wednesday, August 7, 12:00 Noon  
WHERE: Central Library, Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium, 4th Floor, Linn Henley Research Library
ABOUT OUR PROGRAM:  Marianne Weber tells the dramatic story of Jonathan Daniels, a 26-year-old seminary student and civil rights worker from New Hampshire, who was shot to death by a deputy sheriff in Hayneville, Alabama on the afternoon of August 20, 1965.  The bullet was intended for a young black woman that Daniels pushed to the ground, thus saving her life. The deputy was acquitted by an all-white male jury in a trial that garnered national attention.  Daniels was named as a Christian martyr and his name inscribed at Canterbury Cathedral.  His martyrdom is remembered by the Episcopal Church on August 14, the day of his arrest in Ft. Deposit, Alabama. 
Marianne M. Weber is a freelance writer, social worker, and author of Truman Capote’s Southern Years (University of Alabama Press). She lectures on Capote’s and Harper Lee’s Monroeville, Alabama and is a book reviewer for First Draft, The Montgomery Advertiser and others. Weber is a graduate of the University of Alabama and is a former board member of Alabama Writers’ Forum and Writing Today. Her deep interest in social justice led her to research and write about Alabama’s rich civil rights history. 
Weber will explore the life and legacy of Jonathan Daniels during the one-hour program which is free and open to the public. Attendees can bring their own lunch, water and drinks will be provided.  The mission of Birmingham Public Library is to provide the highest quality library service to our citizens for life-long learning, cultural enrichment, and enjoyment.  This system—with nineteen locations and serving the community for 126 years—is one of the largest library systems in the southeast.  For additional information, visit our website at and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  

MEDIA:  Media coverage of this event is welcomed.  For additional information, please call Jim Baggett at (205) 226-3631.
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