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Roy L. Williams                                                 
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Note: Birmingham Public Library Director of Public Relations Roy Williams participated in Exercise With Russell Lee on June 22 at the Five Points West Regional Library. He wrote this first-person account to give patrons an idea what to expect during the one-hour session. See Lee’s schedule below and at on the 2016 Summer Reading schedule of events taking place at 19 city libraries.

Exercise With Russell Lee at the Birmingham Public Library
-    A first-person account of free exercise classes offered as part of 2016 BPL Summer Reading

By Roy L Williams

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama-At age 51, I consider myself in shape. But while participating in Exercise With Russell Lee, a free series of classes being offered as part of the Birmingham Public Library’s 2016 Summer Reading activities, I found out that even thin people like me need to make exercise a regular habit.

On Thursday, June 22, I joined about a dozen or so women, many older than me, at the Five Points West Regional Library as Lee, a Birmingham YMCA certified fitness instructor for 25 years, began the session explaining why regular exercise and eating healthy are so important. We then began a 45-minute workout using a chair- exercises that can be easily done at home.

Lee started us out doing warm-up exercises designed to help us relax as we sat in our chairs while soft music played. We then went through a series of exercises– stretching our legs and arms, rotating our shoulders, walking and jogging in place while sitting in our seats, and others. After 20-30 minutes of non-stop action, my muscles ached. But we kept at it, urged along by Lee as he joked and put our minds at east.
Lee even incorporated some push-ups, all done while we stood with our hands against a wall and followed his lead. At the end of the workout, Lee answered questions from participants and shared tips on dieting and exercise.
The classes are free of charge, and you can find the schedule listed below or at Attendees are urged to bring their own exercise mat and a towel. Wear suitable attire and tennis shoes. The objective of the classes, offered for both teens and adults:  Promote exercise and help people to realize how essential it is, regardless of age.

A little exercise on a regular basis “goes a long way,” “Lee said. “Something is better than nothing.”

 Exercise With Russell Lee remaining program dates, times and libraries:

 JUNE 23        SMITHFIELD    10 A.M.    ADULTS
 JUNE 27        TITUSVILLE           11 A.M.          ADULTS
 JUNE 28        SMITHFIELD         10 A.M.          TEENS

June 28          POWDERLY          12 P.M.           ADULTS        
 JUNE 29        SPRINGVILLE RD 10 A.M.           TEENS
 JUNE 30        WYLAM                2 P.M.             TEENS
 JULY 6           WEST END           10 A.M.           TEENS
 JULY 6           EAST LAKE           10 AM.            TEEN
 JULY 13         FIVE POINTS       2 P.M.             TEEN
 JULY 14TH    POWDERLY         1:30 P.M.       TEEN

For additional information about the programs and services of the Birmingham Public Library, visit our website at and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @BPL. The mission of Birmingham Public Library is to provide the highest quality library service to our citizens for life-long learning, cultural enrichment, and enjoyment. This system—with 19 locations and serving the community for 129 years—is one of the largest library systems in the southeast.  
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