Virtual Library Tours

Central's Atrium Central Library 360 (Atrium and Southern History)

Central Library -First Floor Central East 1st Floor

Central East Building -Second Floor Central East 2nd Floor

Friends of BPL Bookstore Friends Bookstore (2nd Floor)

Central East 3rd Floor Central East 3rd Floor

Central Library-4th Floor Central East 4th Floor

Archives Department in BPL's Linn Henley Building Linn Henley Research Library - Archives Department (Basement)

Southern History Department -Linn-Henley Research Library (in the Birmingham Public Library system) Linn Henley Research Library - Southern History and Literature (1st Floor)

Mezzanine in Linn-Henley Research Library (Birmingham Public Library) Linn Henley Research Library - (2nd Floor) 

Linn Henley Research Library Second Floor Linn Henley Research Library - (3rd Floor)


Avondale Regional Library Avondale Regional Library

East Ensley Library East Ensley Library

East Lake Library East Lake Library

Eastwood Library  Eastwood Library

Ensley Library Ensley Library

Five Points West Regional Library Five Points West Regional Library

Inglenook Library Inglenook Library

North Avondale Library North Avondale Library

North Birmingham Regional Library North Birmingham Regional Library

Powderly Library Powderly Library

Pratt City Library Pratt City Library (Outdated)

Smithfield Library Smithfield Library

Southside Library  Southside Library

Springville Road Regional Library Springville Road Regional Library

Titusville Library Titusville Library

West End Library West End Library

Woodlawn Library Woodlawn Library

Wylam Public Library Wylam Library

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