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Locating Literary Criticism with the Birmingham Public Library Catalog


Step 1 - Begin Search

From the MAIN MENU, click Subject to select the SUBJECT SEARCH option

NOTE: This is a SUBJECT search because you are treating the author and his work as a SUBJECT (looking for books about him/her). If you need to find books written by your author, you would use an AUTHOR search.

Journal Title
Publisher Number
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STEP 2 - Enter Author's Name

Type the author's name ( LAST NAME, FIRST NAME ) in the box then click the <Search> button.


SUBJECT: King Stephen

STEP 3 - Choose a Subcategory

Select relevant subcategories to display lists of books containing literary criticism or information on the author. TIP: Depending on your topic, the general category (#1) or some of the other subcategories might also be helpful.

1King Stephen 1947
2King Stephen 1947 Authorship
3King Stephen 1947 Bibliography
4King Stephen 1947 Characters
5King Stephen 1947 Criticism and Interpretation
6King Stephen 1947 Dictionaries
7King Stephen 1947 Encyclopedias
8King Stephen 1947 Films and Video Adaptations

Step 4 - Find Titles/Call Numbers

   Click the TITLE of the item you want to locate.

King Stephen 1947 Criticism and Interpretation
1The complete Stephen King encyclopedia: the
2The Dark descent: essays defining Stephen K
3The essential Stephen King: the greatest
4Fear itself: the early works of Stephen Kin
5Fear itself: the horror fiction of Stephen
6The Gothic world of Stephen King: landscape
7Landscape of fear: Stephen King's American
8The lost work of Stephen King


STEP 5 - Get Your Book

1> Cen Arts813.54x King SpigSCHECK SHELF
2> Bessemer813 SpiSCHECK SHELF
3> Five Pts813.54x King SpigSCHECK SHELF

In this example, THREE public libraries own this book: Central Library (Downtown), Bessemer, and Five Points West.

The first example, located in the Central Library's Arts/Literature/Sports Department, is shelved in Dewey Decimal order by the Call Number 813.54x, the Subject's Name (King), and the Author of the book about Stephen King (SpigS).

TIP: Be sure to write down the AUTHOR, TITLE, and CALL NUMBER of any books you want to locate. As always, any librarian or staff member will be glad to assist you.
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