Rare Book Room
Policy and Procedures for Use of Rare Material

Material found in the Rare Book Room is often irreplaceable and fragile. For this reason, it must be handled with special care and attention. Items from the Rare Book Collection must be used under the direct supervision of a librarian. Each user will be required to sign a form indicating that they understand and agree with the conditions of use.

  • Readers are required to present government-issued photographic identification and a reasonable explanation of their need for use of the material.
  • No extraneous personal materials will be allowed on the table with rare items. All personal items should be placed on the floor beneath the table before using this material.
  • The material should be left flat on the table at all times, and should not be leaned on, written on, traced, or in any way handled where damage could occur.
  • Each item will be checked prior to use and after use to be sure there is no damage, markings, etc.
  • The Rare Book Collection cannot be browsed.
  • The rare maps are available in digitized form only.
  • Photography is allowed provide the flash is off.
  • Only pencils or a laptop may be used to make notes.
  • A Request Form must be completed prior to using the materials.
  • Only two items at a time may be used.
  • Library staff and security personnel reserve the right to search briefcases, book bags, satchels, and folders before a researcher leaves the premises.
Request Form

To make an appointment to use or view materials in the Rare Book Room, please complete and submit the registration form or write to us at this address:

Birmingham Public Library
Rare Books Room
2100 Park Place
Birmingham, AL 35203 USA

Phone: (205) 226-3740

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Best efforts will be made to arrange an appointment date and time suitable to the patron and library although no requested date or time is guaranteed.

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