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Eat Drink Read Write

Feed the Mind, Body and Soul
Eat Drink Read Write Festival
September 8-15, 2012   

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The Birmingham Public Library (BPL) is planning to feed the mind, body and soul during its upcoming Eat Drink Read Write Festival planned for September 8-15, 2012. BPL and event partners Birmingham Foodie Book Club, Birmingham Originals, Desert Island Supply Co. (DISCO), the J.Clyde, MIX, and Whole Foods Market will present a series of free programs bringing food, culinary arts, and literature to the table in a stimulating format. The goal of the Eat Drink Read Write Festival is to raise awareness of food-related issues in our community by exploring these concerns from a variety of perspectives.

Festival Partners

Eat Drink, Read Write is produced by The Birmingham Public Library (BPL) and partner organizations, Birmingham Foodie Book Club, Desert Island Supply Co. (DISCO), Birmingham Originals, The J. Clyde, MIX Bakery, and Whole Foods Market.

Birmingham Foodie Book Club

Birmingham Foodie Book Club reads anything that has to do with food - fiction, nonfiction, history, essay, memoirs, humor, anthologies, and novels. We enjoy wine, food, and each other's company at every meeting. Join us on the second Tuesday of every month.

Birmingham Originals

Birmingham Originals is an organization of local restaurant and community members working together to increase awareness of our unique regional flavors, locally produced food, and celebrating our contributions and interactions within Birmingham.

Desert Island Supply Company
Desert Island Supply Co. (DISCO) is a non-profit (501c) creative writing program based in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Birmingham that works primarily with youth to give them more opportunities to write.

J. Clyde

The J. Clyde, a bar on historic Cobb Lane, offers the widest selection of craft beer and fresh ales and lagers in the area. The unique building was originally horse pens and later a 1920's era garage. The J. Clyde is located at 1312 Cobb Lane.

MixMIX is a modern-cool artisanal bakery and cafe in downtown Birmingham, featuring an extraordinary array of handcrafted breads and pastries and a seasonal menu that uses locally grown ingredients. Chris Dupont, chef and owner, is a James Beard Foundation Award semifinalist for Best Chef in the South and is also the chef and owner of downtown's Cafe Dupont. MIX Bakery and Café is located at 1820 4th Ave. N. Café Dupont at 113 20th Street N.

Whole Foods
Whole Foods Market is a major retailer of natural and organic foods with a commitment to sustainable agriculture and increasing the market for organic products.


Contributions and Support

Funding for the Eat Drink Read Write Festival was made possible by

Friends of the Birmingham Public Library

Generous contributions and Support were provided by:

Avondale Brewing Company
Back Forty Beer Company
Bell's Brewery
Birmingham Originals Member Restaurants
earth creations
Good People Brewing Company
MIX Bakery and Cafe
Whole Foods Market

Eat Drink Read Write T-shirts are on sale for $15 at the Friends' Bookstore at the Central library location, The J. Clyde, MIX Bakery and Café, Whole Foods Market, and at each EDRW event. Thanks to earth creations for providing the T-shirts.

We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink. ~Epicurus 

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