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Malachi Wilkerson  
The Life and Legacy of Malachi Wilkerson
Birmingham City Schools Educator and Civic Leader
  Malachi Wilkerson (1884-1934), a teacher at Industrial High School for 25 years, was the choral music director and head of the manual training department. Birmingham's Wilkerson Elementary School was named in his honor.

  • Born in Birmingham, Alabama on January 8, 1884
  • Member of first graduating class of Industrial High School in 1904
  • Attended Alabama A & M University and Tuskegee Institute
  • Joined the Industrial High School faculty in 1911
  • Served as choir director at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
  • Organized and directed immensely popular singing events for the community
  • Died in Birmingham, Alabama on March 28, 1935
Newspaper Articles

Read more about Malachi Wilkerson and several other Industrial High School teachers of music in an article written by Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff for the Alabama Folklife Association's journal, Tributaries.
"Roots of Birmingham's Gospel Quartet Training Culture: Spiritual Singing at Industrial High School." (pdf)

BPL Digital Collections Online List


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