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Birmingham Memory Project
Photo Ideas and Suggestions


Photo examplesThe purpose of this project is to capture snapshots of Birmingham residents, visitors, and events over a period of many years.

Editorial Guidelines
  • Consider selecting a representative set of photos from an event, rally, march, etc.
  • Think about a meaningful title for each of your photos—there is a space in the photo submission form for this. Titles must not exceed 80 characters.
  • Use the designated space in the submission form to describe the photo as fully as you can; only you can provide the context of the photo and the details that will bring it to life.

  • Please note that we can only accept your photos if you are the copyright holder. Generally speaking, if you took the photo, or if you are the subject of the photo and it was taken using your camera, the copyright would belong to you unless you have assigned the copyright to a third party, such as a book publisher.

Photo Submission Guidelines

In order to be published in the digital library, your submission must:
  • Be sensitive to the privacy concerns of individuals;
  • Not include inflammatory, rude, or offensive language or content;
  • Not include links to or URLs for Internet sites;
  • Not be used to promote products or services;
  • Not include any personal identifying information such as Social Security numbers, phone numbers, or email addresses
Technical Requirements
  • Submit scanned and digital photos at the highest resolution and size you have available (e.g. 300 dpi)
  • Do not send .zip files
  • Do not paste photographs into an MS Word document; send only the graphics files
  • File types .jpg and .tif are accepted
  • DO NOT include spaces or special characters (&, #, !, ?, etc.) in filenames

Birmingham Public Library reserves the right to edit or reject submissions to the Birmingham Memory Project.

You can upload photos using the online submission form.

BPL Digital Collections Online List


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