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Jones Valley High School Yearbooks

Jones Valley High School Yearbooks

Jones Valley High School was established in the Powderly community in 1921 by the Jefferson County Schools system and in 1953 became a part of the Birmingham City Schools system. JVHS remained a high school until the late 1980s when it became Jones Valley Middle School.

A special thanks to the generosity of Bob Roper who made this database possible. He located, borrowed, and scanned all the available yearbooks from 1922-1926, 1927-1930, and 1946-1978 and donated a copy of the scanned images to the Birmingham Public Library. 

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*No yearbooks were published from 1931-1945


BhamWiki  Overview of  Jones Valley High School.
JonesValley.net Website created by Bob Roper, the donor of  the JVHS scanned images. The site includes the history of the school, photos, obituaries, memorials, and a forum.

BPL Digital Collections Online List


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