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School Days

by SchoolGirl57 on July 31, 2014

Contributors to this site include (in alphabetical order):

Bobby Armistead ’54; Michele Baucom, daughter of Frankie Baucom ’58; Ann Eckhoff ’59; Diane Ferguson ‘55; Robert Hewitt ’58; Bruce Howard ’58; Janet Hrbek ’56; J. Kenneth Jones ’58; Stephanie Kahre ’57; Glenn Kennedy ’39;; Roy Leeth ’53; Judy Love ’64; Kay Love ’62; Linda Love ’57; Eloise McNeal ’53; Angeline Montalbano ’46; Marian Alice Montalbano ’53; Mary Victoria Overall ’57; Doris Parker ’56; David L. Ponds ’50; Peggy Kennedy Posey Kirkpatrick, widow of William Cleve Posey ’59; Joan Riley ’53; Annette Robinson ’53; Clark M. Rogers ’56; Betty Jean Ross ’55; Frances Savio ’57; Howard Smith ’58; Earnest Sosebee ’56; John R. Walker ’48; Jeff Webb ’60; Keith Wilson ’54; Woodrow “Woody” Wilson ’58; and Judy Stovall-Ensley ’59.

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Thanks for your interest, and thanks especially to all those who so generously contributed materials, information, and time. Finally, here’s a special shoutout to Marian Alice Montalbano ’53, who drove around the area taking the current photographs found in The Neighborhood.

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