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Here are some books about Birmingham and the surrounding areas that I’ve found particularly interesting for one reason or another. All should be available from your local bookseller, from Amazon, or from the publisher.  Where available, I’ve provided addresses and/or web links to the publishers or authors.

Dietlein, Patricia Crim, and Alvin W. Hudson. Central Park & A Bit Beyond: An Illustrated History in Observance of the Centennial of the Central Park Community of Birmingham, Alabama. Revised second edition. Quitman, MS: Specialty Publishing and Printing, 2006. To order, contact: Patricia Crim Dietlein, 1108 Crown Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35235. SPECIAL NOTE: Anyone interested in “our” era in the western end of Jefferson County should have this book in his or her library. It’s a terrific example of local history. Be sure to check out pages 217-219 for the extremely interesting material on West End High School.

Hollis, Tim. Images of America: Birmingham’s Theater and Retail District. Charleston, SC, Chicago IL, Portsmouth NH, San Francisco, CA: Arcadia Publishing, 2005. NOTE: It’ll make you think of all those downtown dates!

_____. Images of America: Vintage Birmingham Signs. Charleston, SC, Chicago IL, Portsmouth NH, San Francisco, CA: Arcadia Publishing, 2008. NOTE: Guaranteed to bring back lots of happy memories! Be sure to check out pages 50, 90-92, 96, and 113-116 for places well known to West End teenagers of the 1960s and before.

Jefferson County Heritage Book Committee. The Heritage of Jefferson County, Alabama. Clanton, AL: Heritage Publishing Consultants, Inc., 2002. NOTE: One of the “Heritage” series of the state’s counties – mainly interesting to those whose families are from the area but a fascinating mix of history and family tradition. Be sure to check out Page 165 for the very informative article on West End High School by John R. Walker and the Reunion Committees of the Classes of 1948, 1956, and 1959.

White, Marjorie Longnecker. Downtown Birmingham: Architectural and Historical Walking Tour Guide. Revised second edition. Birmingham: Birmingham Historical Society and The First National Bank of Birmingham, 1980. NOTE: A historical walk through downtown without leaving home.

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