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When Eastwood Mall opened its doors in 1960, newspapers hailed it the city of the future. It was the first indoor, air-conditioned shopping center in Alabama with shops, restaurants, a theater, and even sidewalks under one roof. This collection illustrates in articles, photographs, and links to additional resources the development and decline of Eastwood Mall.

Newspaper Clippings


Additional Resources

Eastwood Mall 1960-2004: a tribute to the South's first indoor shopping mall
This site, created by Russell Wells, includes numerous photographs, personal memories and a history of Eastwood Mall.

The Mall That Once Was
A WBHM 90.3 audio report by Steve Chiotakis detailing the decline of Eastwood Mall.


The Birmingham Public Library has reproduced images and clippings from The Birmingham News with the permission of The Birmingham News. All rights reserved.

BPL Digital Collections Online List


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