Staff Memories

Birmingham Public Library staff—from pages to directors—who were around at the inception of Central Library’s East Building, gather together to share memories of the planning, construction, and moving stages of the “new” building, as it is still sometimes referred to 25 years later.

Memories courtesy of: Anne Bennett, Hope Cooper, W.D. Foster, Janice Granger, Ellen Lawrence, Pam Lyons, Jerome McCaskey, Stanley Moss, Shirley Nichols, Norma Parsons, Becky Scarborough, Marilyn Sessions, Jean Shanks, Deidre Sims, George Stewart, and Pauline Werth.

Video 1: George Stewart, Deidre Sims, Stan Moss and Hope Cooper (51 min.)

Video 2: Hope Cooper, Anne Bennett, Jean Shanks, Becky Scarborough, Pauline Werth, Norma Parsons, Jamal McCaskey, W.D. Foster, and Pam Lyons.
Videotaped Friday, July 31, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. (48 min.)

Video 3: Ellen Lawrence, Marilyn Sessions, Hope Cooper, Shirley Nichols, and Janice Granger (42 min.)

Brown Bag Program: Mr. George Stewart, formal BPL director discusses the journey taken to get the new Central library built.
Videotaped Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at noon (50 min.)
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