Bibliography of Sources for Huguenot Reseach

BX9454.L4 1973
The Huguenots in France and America
Lee, Hannah Farnham Sawyer

BX9454.2 .L38 1990 Stacks
French Huguenots: from Mediterranean Catholics to white Anglo-Saxon Protestants
Lavender, Abraham D.

BX9454.2 .R4 1966
The trail of the Huguenots in Europe, the United States, South Africa, and Canada
Reaman, George Elmore

BX9454.2 .R67 1979 Stacks
The Huguenots: a biography of a minority
Rothrock, George A.

BX9456.I7 L44 1994
The Huguenot settlements in Ireland
Lee, Grace Lawless

BX9458.G7 S5 1975
The Huguenots: their settlements, churches, and industries in England and Ireland
Smiles, Samuel

BX9459.G56 1962 Stacks
The Huguenot migration in Europe and America : its cause and effect
Gilman, Charles Malcolm Brookfield

A survey of American church records; for the period before the Civil War, east of the Mississippi River
Kirkham, E. Kay

CS71.A24 1982
The Agee register : a genealogical record of the descendants of Mathieu Agee, a Huguenot refugee to Virginia
Agee, Louis N.

CS71.D825 1972 Suppl.
DuBose genealogy : Supplement II, 1980
MacDowell, Dorothy Kelly

CS71.D826 1967
Baby on her back; a history of the Huguenot family DuBourdieu
DuBourdieu, William J.

CS71.D945 1908
The Huguenot Bartholomew Dupuy and his descendants
Dupuy, Benjamin Hunter

CS71.F68 1907 (Rare Book Room)
Memoirs of a Huguenot family
Fontaine, James

CS71.R253 1898
Ravenel records. A history and genealogy of the Huguenot family of Ravenel, of South Carolina
Ravenel, Henry Edmund

CS71.F68 1838 (Rare Book Room)
A tale of the Huguenots ; or, Memoirs of a French refugee family
Fontaine, James

CS71.F68 1853a
Memoirs of a Huguenot family
Fontaine, Jacques

CS71.P458 1910 (Rare Book Room)
Daniel Perrin, "The Huguenot," and his descendants in America : of the surnames, Perrine, Perine, and Prine, 1665-1910
Perrine, Howland Delano

CS71.R615 1987
A partial genealogical history of the Huguenot branch of the Rivers-Jenkins family, 1697-1937
Rivers, W. W.

CS432.H8 L32
Huguenot pedigrees
Lart, Charles Edmund

A brief history of the Huguenots and three family trees: Chastain-Lochridge-Stockton
Chastain, James Garvin

DC112.C6 W5 Stacks
Gaspard de Coligny, admiral of France
Whitehead, A. W.

E29.H9 1977-85
National roster
[Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia]

E29.H9 B16 1991
History of the Huguenot emigration to America
Baird, Charles Washington

E141.L88 1954
The New World : the first pictures of America made by John White and Jacques Le Moyne and engraved by Theodore de Bry, with contemporary narratives of the French settlements in Florida, 1562-1565, and the English colonies in Virginia, 1585-1590
Lorant, Stefan

E164.F8 R67 1989 (missing)
French colonists and exiles in the United States
Rosengarten, J. G.

E184.H9 H73 1985
Huguenot refugees in the settling of colonial America
Bielenstein, Gabrielle

E184.H9 I53 1962
Index of potential Huguenot ancestors
National Huguenot Society (U.S.)

E184.A1 H84 1964
Naturalizations of foreign Protestants in the American and West Indian colonies
Huguenot Society of London

E184.H9 B87 1983
The Huguenots in America
Butler, Jon

E184.H9 C6 Oversize
Register of Huguenot ancestors
Cobb, Georgia Nellie Chandler

E184.H9 F73 1985
Huguenot genealogical research
Franklin, Charles M.

E184.H9 H7 1924-1987
The Huguenot
[The Huguenot Society, Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virgina]

E184.H9 H7 Index Oversize
Master index to The Huguenot : the biennial publications of the Huguenot Society, founders of Manakin in the colony of Virginia

E184.H9 L3 1963
Family names of Huguenot refugees to America
Lawton, Eba Anderson

E184.H9 N372 2012
Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors of The National Huguenot Society

E263.S7 F6
Biographical sketches of the Huguenot Solomon Legare and of his family, extending down to the fourth generation of his descendants
Fludd, Eliza C. K.

F73.9.F7 F7 1971
The Boston French
Forbes, Allan

F90.H9 P6 1968
Memoir concerning the French settlements and French settlers in the Colony of Rhode Island
Potter, Elisha R.

F128.9.H9 N4 1968
Registers of the births, marriages, and deaths of the "Eglise francoise a la Nouvelle York," from 1688 to 1804
French Church du Saint Esprit

F145.H8 D3
The Huguenots on the Hackensack. A paper read before the Huguenot society of America in ... New York ... 1885
Demarest, David D.

F145.H8 K63 1993
The Huguenots, or, The early French in New Jersey
Koehler, Albert F.

A collection of upwards of thirty thousand names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and other immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776
Rupp, I. Daniel

F160.F8 D86 1930 VFPC
The French racial strain in Colonial Pennsylvania
Dunaway, Wayland Fuller

Memorials of the Huguenots in America, with special reference to their emigration to Pennsylvania
Stapleton, A

F208.H8 P55 2001
The Huguenot crosses of South Carolina
Pike, Mary LeRoy Upshaw

Southern explorers and colonists
Banvard, Joseph

Voyages d'un Francois [microform]
Durand, of Dauphine

Un Francais en Virginie; Voyages d'un Francais exile pour la religion, avec une description de la Virgine & Marilan dans Amerique, d'apres l'edition originale de 1687; avec une introduction et des notes par Gilbert Chinard.
Durand, of Dauphine

A Huguenot exile in Virginia; or, Voyages of a Frenchman exiled for his religion, with a description of Virginia & Maryland; from the Hague edition of 1687
Durand, of Dauphine

Nicolas Martiau, the adventurous Huguenot, the military engineer, and the earliest American ancestor of George Washington
Stoudt, John Baer

F232.J2 C32
Turff & Twigg; Huguenots -- Virginia -- James River Valley -- History -- 18th century
Cabell, Priscilla Harriss

F234.M18 E48 1999
The diligence and the disappearance of Manakintowne's Huguenots Elterich, Allison Wehr

F235.H9 B7 1966
Documents, chiefly unpublished, relating to the Huguenot emigration to Virginia
Brock, R. A

F235.H9 D6 1995
Documents, chiefly unpublished, relating to the Huguenot emigration to Virginia : and to the settlement at Manakin-Town
VA Hist Society; R.A. Brock

The French Protestant church in the city of Charleston, "the Huguenot church" ; a brief history of the church and two addresses delivered on the two hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the church, April fourteen, nineteen hundred and twelve
French Protestant Church (Charleston, S.C.)

F272.H78 1988
The Huguenot connection : the Edict of Nantes, its revocation, and early French migration to South Carolina
Golden, R.M.

F279.B7 G5
Pierre Gibert, Esq., the devoted Huguenot : a history of the French settlement of New Bordeaux, South Carolina
Gibert, Anne C.

F280.H8 H6
The Huguenots of colonial South Carolina
Hirsch, Arthur Henry

F280.H8 T4 1962
A contribution to the history of the Huguenots of South Carolina : consisting of pamphlets
Thomas, T. Gaillard

F280.H8 T40 1968
Liste des Francois et Suisses
Ravenel, Daniel

Laudonniere & Fort Caroline; history and documents
Bennett, Charles E.

Histoire de la Floride Francaise
Gaffarel, Paul

F314.L373 1587a
A notable history containing four voyages made by certain French captains unto Florida
Laudonniere, Rene Goulaine de

The Spanish settlements within the present limits of the United States. Florida 1562-1574
Lowery, Woodbury

F314.M19 2000
The French in early Florida : in the eye of the hurricane
McGrath, John T.

F314.R488 1927
The whole & true discouerye of Terra Florida; a facsimile reprint of the London edition of 1563
Ribaut, Jean

The history of Hernando de Soto and Florida
Shipp, Barnard

F319.S2 F23
History and antiquities of St. Augustine, Florida
Fairbanks, George R.

Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia. Texas Branch.

F1030.L645 (Agee)
Histoire de la Nouvelle-France
Lescarbot, Marc

F1030.P261 1907
Pioneers of France in the New world
Parkman, Francis

G159.B9 1927 Agee
Voyages en Virginie et en Floride, traduits du latin par L. Ningler et Confrontes avec les textes anglais, francais ou allemands
Hariot, Thomas…

G159.B7 1609 (Agee)
Brevis narratio eorvm qvae in Florida Americae provicia Gallis acciderunt…
Bry, Theodor de

PR6031.E5 L77
The little Huguenot : a romance of Fontainebleau (Fiction)
Pemberton, Max, Sir

PS1206.B65 H93 1889
The Huguenot lovers : a tale of the Old Dominion (Fiction)
Burgwyn, C. P. E.

The exile: a tale of St. Augustine (Fiction)
Fontaine, Francis

PS2649.P9 H8
The Huguenot daughters, and other poems
Poyas, Catharine Gendron

PS2919.S6 H6
How they kept the faith; a tale of the Huguenots of Languedoc (Fiction)
Stillman, Annie Raymond

PS3515.E893 C3 1941
A Carolina Huguenot, and other contents (Fiction)
Heyward, Florie Hutson

PS3523.E347 G8 1984
Les Guerin : a story of religious persecution
Leech, William G.

PZ3.G56 In
In Florida's dawn; a romance of history (Fiction)
Gold, Pleasant Daniel

PZ7.M926 Fl6
The flamingo feather (Fiction)
Munroe, Kirk

PZ7.P234 Th
The three pebbles (Fiction)
Parker, Richard

Z7845.H8 H8 1920
Catalogue or bibliography of the library of the Huguenot society of America
Huguenot Society of America

Soc 284.5 Roc
The days of the upright : the story of the Huguenots
Roche, O. I. A.


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