Recent Patents Issued to Alabama Inventors

November 5, 2013

8,572,905 - Method and apparatus for anchoring beam - Tab F. Driggers (New Brockton)

8,573,022 - Method for making enhanced heat transfer surfaces - Petur Thors (Decatur)

8,573,504 - Furnace - Davis Lee (Union Grove); Dale Carroll (Albertville); Chris Pankey  (Guntersville); James Richard Bullington (Athens); Adam Lee Walker (Albertville); Steven Michael Birchfield (Geraldine); Billy Erskin Hosmer (Crossville); Stephen Wayne Bennett (Madison); Amanda Lauren Conger (Huntsville)

8,573,576 - Clamp for single-handed operation - Jeremy Trent Clark (Toney); Vergenia Chantel Shelton (Huntsville)

8,574,007 - Electrical connector having a shielding adapter to radially compress a shielding ferrule onto a cable - Alan Stephen Smith (Madison); Gary Joseph Elam  (Huntsville)

8,574,340 - Methods for preparing and using metal and/or metal oxide porous materials - Martin Bakker (Tuscaloosa); Franchessa Maddox Sayler (Tuscaloosa); Amy Grano  (Tuscaloosa)

8,574,342 - Method and apparatus for membrane separation - Charles M. Flowe (Orange Beach)

8,574,844 - Quantitative real-time assay for Noroviruses and Enteroviruses with built in quality control standard - William Burkhardt, III (Mobile); Michael C. L. Vickery  (Birmingham); Jessica Nordstrom (Irvington)

8,575,102 - Conjugates having a releasable linkage - Sean M. Culbertson (Gurley); Samuel P. McManus (Huntsville); Mary J. Bossard (Madison)

8,575,464 - Curved tremolo arm - Charles E. Butterworth, III (Birmingham)

8,575,526 - System and method for dispensing of multiple kill vehicles using an integrated multiple kill vehicle payload - Randy D. Colvin (Madison); Adam M. Wuerl (Madison)

8,575,577 - Grazing incidence neutron optics - Mikhail V. Gubarev (Huntsville); Brian D. Ramsey (Huntsville); Darell E. Engelhaupt (Madison)

8,576,036 - System and method for affecting flux of multi-pole magnetic structures - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,577,508 - Converter control of variable-speed wind turbines - Shuhui Li (Tuscaloosa); Timothy A. Haskew (Northport)

8,577,519 - Rapidly deployed modular telemetry system - Kosta A. Varnavas (Madison); William Herbert Sims, III (New Market)

October 29, 2013

8,567,155 - Centrifugally cast pole and method - Tom W Waugh (Pinson)

8,567,178 - Positive displacement rotary vane engine - Roy J. Hartfield, Jr. (Auburn)

8,567,559 - Shock absorbing fabric structures - Timothy M. Russell (Anniston)

8,567,563 - Front bearing grease applicator - Henry Kuykendall (Pinson)

8,568,705 - Method for preparing branched functionalized polymers using branched polyol cores - Samuel P. McManus (Huntsville); Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville)

8,568,766 - Peptides and peptide mimetics to treat pathologies associated with eye disease - Gattadahalli M. Anantharamaiah (Birmingham)

8,569,065 - Compositions and methods for the delivery of biologically active RNAs - Kevin Polach (Huntsville); Jason Fewell (Huntsville); Khursheed Anwer (Huntsville)

8,569,343 - Oligomer-opioid agonist conjugates - Jennifer Riggs-Sauthier (Huntsville); Bo-Liang Deng (Madison); Timothy A. Riley (Huntsville)

8,569,380 - Oligomer-tricyclic conjugates - Wen Zhang (Madison); Xuyuan Gu  (Madison); Stephanie Allums (Madison); Jennifer Riggs-Sauthier (Huntsville)

8,570,129 - Complex machine including a classical simple machine and a magnetic system - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope)

8,570,130 - Multi-level magnetic system - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,570,160 - Methods and systems for controlling devices via power lines - William Howard Speegle (Huntsville); Remigius Shatas (Huntsville)

8,572,015 - System, method and computer program product for interfacing software engines - Rawdon Kellogg (Guntersville); Don Mikell (Huntsville); Gregory Sollie  (Hoover)

D692,254 - Perforated stripping with header - Edward S. Robbins (Muscle Shoals); Ronald R. White (Florence)

D692,255 - Perforated stripping with header - Edward S. Robbins (Muscle Shoals); Ronald R. White (Florence)

D692,502 - Game board - Troy Robin King (Montgomery)

October 22, 2013

8,561,238 - Hitch receiver mounted tailgate ramp - Ronald Inget (Mobile)

8,561,347 - Portable planting system and method - Hong Ku Park (Huntsville)

8,561,829 - Composite pressure vessel including crack arresting barrier - Thomas K. DeLay (Huntsville)

8,562,214 - Waterproof truck bag - Timothy Mathew Dozier (Mobile); Philip Mathew Dozier (Dothan)

8,562,495 - Upper body exercise apparatus for stationary bike - Holly Ladd (Rainbow City); David Ladd (Rainbow City)

8,562,630 - Suture instrument and method - Richard A. Campbell (Huntsville)

8,562,965 - Polymer derivatives comprising an acetal or ketal branching point - Samuel P. McManus (Huntsville); Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville)

8,563,651 - Method involving 1-benzotriazolyl carbonate esters of poly(ethylene glycol) - Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville)

8,563,726 - Stereoselective reduction of a morphinone - Lin Cheng (Huntsville); Michael D. Bentley (Huntsville)

8,563,800 - Method of use of a tulip-shaped sacral wound dressing - Patricia A. Smith  (McCalla)

8,564,920 - Smart breaker and related system and method for protecting electrical devices from fault conditions - Brian Christian Smith (Madison)

8,564,922 - System and method for protecting telecommunications device from power faults - Brian Christian Smith (Madison)

8,565,282 - Furnace damper control system and method - Christopher Carlson  (Tuscaloosa)

8,566,922 - System for isolating a secured data communication network - Barry W. Hargis (Florence)

D692,188 - Glove - Kenneth Henry (Tuscaloosa)

D692,191 - Bird feeder - Bart W. R. Stephens (Birmingham)

October 15, 2013

8,555,731 - Self-contained tubular compressed-flow generation device for use in making differential measurements - John Dwight England (Arab); Anthony R. Kelley  (Sommerville); Raymond J. Cronise (Huntsville)

8,555,992 - Turfplaner with autograde and autodepth - Eric L. Merkt (Athens)

8,556,753 - Batting training system and the components thereof - Nicholas E. Dixon, Jr.  (Albertville)

8,556,833 - Wireless sensor network system and method - Chris A. Otto (Huntsville)

8,557,028 - Binderless zeolitic adsorbents, methods for producing binderless zeolitic adsorbents, and adsorptive separation processes using the binderless zeolitic adsorbents - Jack E. Hurst (Mobile)

8,557,767 - Synthetic apolipoprotein E mimicking polypeptides and methods of use - Gattadahalli M. Anantharamaiah (Birmingham); David W. Garber (Birmingham); Geeta Datta (Pelham); Sheila P. Handattu (Vestavia Hills); Vinod K. Mishra  (Homewood)

8,558,187 - Neutron detection - William Arnold Seidler, II (Brownsboro)

8,558,402 - Method and apparatus for improved hydropower generation at existing impoundments - Wayne F. Krouse (Mountian Brook)

8,558,660 - Method and apparatus for detecting and identifying device utilization - Harvey A. Nix (Birmingham); Lloyd Guyton Bowers Cooper (Birmingham); Don Byron Walker, II (Muscle Shoals); Andrew Joseph Thomson (Birmingham); Eugene Arnold Eighmy (Birmingham)

8,559,894 - Klystron transmitter - William H. Walker (Madison)

8,560,063 - Post-defibrillation pacing methods and devices - Raymond E. Ideker  (Birmingham); Gregory P. Walcott (Wilsonville)

D691,770 - Game feeder - Ronald Ray Woller (Decatur); Timothy Neil Morton  (Alabaster)

October 8, 2013

8,549,680 - Portable toddler mat - Wendy Nichols (Marion)

8,550,282 - Security latch device for dumping trash containers and combination thereof - Anthony Canova Libhart (Huntsville); Charles Carter Patterson (Madison)

8,550,468 - Seal apparatus and methods to manufacture thereof - James A. Richard  (Grant)

8,550,531 - Extensible sun visor - Nelson Fancher, III (Mobile)

8,550,549 - Seat flap for a vehicle seat - Jason Miles Baker (Pell City)

8,551,390 - Electrospinning apparatus, methods of use, and uncompressed fibrous mesh - Ho-Wook Jun (Hoover); Ajay Tambralli (Birmingham); Derrick Dean (Montgomery)

8,552,249 - Medicated diaper - Aderonke Akinsanya (Millbrook)

8,552,882 - Proximity detection systems and method for internal traffic control - Larry D. Frederick (Huntsville)

October 1, 2013

8,544,407 - Attachment module for a safety cone - David Allen Spray (Huntsville)

8,544,509 - Adzer skid assembly and method of use - Milton H. Lee, Jr. (Wetumpka); George B. Pugh, III (Matthews)

8,544,657 - Apparatus and method for removing contaminants from industrial fluids - Ruijun Chen (Auburn)

8,544,851 - Gasket for parabolic ramp self restraining bell joint - William W. Holmes, IV  (Hoover); William H. Owen (Fultondale)

8,546,493 - Multi-armed, monofunctional, and hydrolytically stable derivatives of poly(ethylene glycol) and related polymers for modification of surfaces and molecules - J. Milton Harris (Huntsville)

8,547,238 - Optically redundant fire detector for false alarm rejection - John Harchanko  (New Market)

8,547,699 - Enclosure for outside plant equipment with interconnect for mating printed circuit boards, printed circuit board device and method of repairing outside plant equipment - Jacob D. McCleary (Harvest)

8,547,833 - Systems and methods for determining bitloading - Albert L. Garrett  (Gadsden); Jack Thomas Matheney (Madison)

D690,879 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

September 24, 2013

8,540,096 - Bottle with recessed movable handle - Edward S. Robbins, III (Muscle Shoals)

8,540,097 - Bottle with recessed movable handle - Edward S. Robbins, III (Muscle Shoals); Brian T. William (Florence)

8,540,520 - Apparatus and method for instructional information delivery - Bernhard Dohrmann (Madison)

8,540,657 - Method and apparatus for equine plasmapheresis - Kenny V. Brock  (Notasulga); Sara Ziska (Opelika)

8,540,772 - Transpedicular, extrapedicular and transcorporeal partial disc replacement - Said G. Osman (Russellville)

8,541,028 - Methods for manufacturing delivery devices and devices thereof - Jay K. Staas (Madison); Thomas R. Tice (Indian Springs); Bruce W. Hudson (Pleasant Grove); Arthur J. Tipton (Birmingham)

8,541,434 - Ethynyl-substituted pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives and their use in treating viral infections - Cecil D. Kwong (Birmingham); Subramaniam Ananthan  (Birmingham); Jeremy Clark (Birmingham); Anita T. Fowler (Irondale); Hollis S. Kezar, III (Hoover); Joseph A. Maddry (Birmingham); Robert C. Reynolds  (Birmingham); Abhijit Roychowdhury (Birmingham); John A. Secrist, III (Birmingham)

8,542,153 - Slot halo antenna device - Roger Owens (Huntsville)

8,543,285 - Multilane vehicle information capture system - Jim Allen (Wetumpka); Sheng Zhong (Montgomery); Raghavan Venugopal (Montgomery); Tiegang Xie  (Montgomery); Fajie Sun (Montgomery); Sangmesh Reddy (Montgomery); Brijesh Rai Chawla (Montgomery); Balaraju Banna (Montgomery); Shyamnath Harinath  (Montgomery)

D690,384 - Insect trap - Clifford Warren Davis, Jr. (Prattville)

September 17, 2013

8,533,926 - Method of coupling at least two conduits - William W. Holmes, IV  (Hoover); William H. Owen (Fultondale)

8,534,002 - Pipe flashing apparatus and method - William Archie McDow, Jr.  (Tallassee); David Campbell McDow (Montgomery)

8,534,618 - CPAP tube delivery device - Audie L. Mays (Killen)

8,534,632 - Bucket stabilizing tackle box system - Robert Mancuso, Jr. (Clio)

8,535,440 - Method of promoting single crystal growth during melt growth of semiconductors - Ching-Hua Su (Huntsville)

8,535,654 - Disinfecting and detoxifying meta-aramid particles - Roy M. Broughton  (Opelika); Shelby Davis Worley (Auburn)

8,536,213 - Oligomer-dantrolene conjugates and related compounds - Jennifer Riggs-  Sauthier (Huntsville); Wen Zhang (Madison)

8,536,371 - Carbon dioxide scrubbing using ionic materials - James H. Davis, Jr. (Mobile)

8,536,801 - System and method for individually modulating an array of light emitting devices - John Jay Dernovsek (Madison)

8,536,966 - Magnetic attachment system - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,537,365 - Mass gauging demonstrator for any gravitational conditions - Valentin Korman (Huntsville); Kevin W. Pedersen (Huntsville); William K. Witherow  (Huntsville)

8,539,050 - Method for distributing update modules for computer software over a network - Timothy N. Tow (Huntsville); Amelia C. Tate (Huntsville)

D689,745 - Baster - Rodney W. Robbins (Florence)

September 10, 2013

8,528,184 - Method of creating and maintaining a sealed interface between a spigot and bell - William W. Holmes, IV (Hoover); William H. Owen (Fultondale)

8,528,272 - Detention facility cell door lock and housing assembly - Brian S Foss  (Madison)

8,528,680 - Method of constructing a modular vehicle - Howard C. Florus (Madison); David E. Hall (Madison)

8,528,691 - Silencer for firearm - Tony E. Carmichael (Coffee Springs); Stacy A. Strickland (Enterprise)

8,528,907 - Investing card game and method - Aravind Musuluri (Birmingham)

8,528,919 - Extendable and collapsible apparatus that supports attachable components - Rustin Webster (Huntsville); Jeremy T. Clark (Toney); Ryan Manning (Huntsville)

8,529,283 - Universal serial bus (USB) connector having positive retention - Scott Carden (Madison)

8,529,362 - Elevated hand-held merry-go-round - Paul S. Wingerstahn (Fort Payne)

8,529,867 - Aluminum-alkali hydroxide recyclable hydrogen generator - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope)

8,530,151 - Localization of human cytomegalovirus nucleic acids and proteins in human cancer cells - Charles S. Cobbs (Birmingham); Lualhatil E. Harkins (Birmingham)

8,530,492 - Oligomer-protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor conjugates - Jennifer Riggs-   Sauthier (Huntsville); Wen Zhang (Madison)

8,530,643 - Chlorination of sucrose-6-esters - Wayne N. Boutzale (Saraland)

8,531,846 - Integrated AC/DC power supply and platform for military radio - Frank N. Perkins, III (Huntsville); Jeffrey K. Taylor (Huntsville); Bruce C. Weddendorf  (Huntsville); Lloyd W. Childs (Huntsville)

D689,652 - Hairband - Steven L. Hines (Birmingham)

September 3, 2013

8,523,127 - Holding apparatuses for attachment to chain link fences - Monte W. Bennett (Huntsville)

8,523,216 - Fifth wheel slide rail - Steven W. Mann (Gardendale); James M. Rhodes  (Pelham)

8,524,654 - Prolyl endopeptidase inhibitors for reducing or preventing neutrophilic inflammation - J. Edwin Blalock (Birmingham); Patricia L. Jackson (Moody); Amit Gaggar (Homewood); Brett Noerager (Birmingham); Philip J. O'Reilly (Hoover)

8,525,827 - Integrated GIS system with interactive 3D interface - Michael Rodney Boersma (Harvest); James Richard Stephens (Harvest); David Milton Glenn  (Madison)

8,526,313 - System and method for extending connectivity tests through a packet network - David Eric Jones (Huntsville); Marc Kimpe (Huntsville); Harold Lloyd Boling (Madison)

8,526,824 - Correlation systems and methods with error compensation - Michael D. Turner (Huntsville); Leif J. Sandstrom (Madison); John Gordon Brooks (Madison)

8,527,736 - Systems and methods for improving address translation speed - Coleman Bagwell (Madison)

August 27, 2013

8,516,835 - Ice cube tray and method for releasing a single cube from tray - Edward Carl Holter (Huntsville)

8,517,043 - Pressure build economizer valve - Mark K Hamm (Cullman)

8,517,343 - Dual purpose front motorcycle stand - Charles N. VanValkenburgh  (Huntsville)

8,518,352 - Apparatus and method for producing polycrystalline silicon having a reduced amount of boron compounds by venting the system with an inert gas - Takeshi Kamei  (Theodore)

8,519,009 - Treated biodiesel glycerin - Rodrigo Rodriguez-Kabana (Auburn); Robert H. Walker (Auburn)

8,519,102 - Polymer Factor VIII moiety conjugates - Mary J. Bossard (Madison); Michael D. Bentley (Huntsville); Ping Zhang (Madison)

8,520,024 - Virtual interactive presence systems and methods - Barton Guthrie  (Birmingham); Phillip C. Shum (Birmingham); Marcus W. Dillavou (Birmingham); Douglas Ross (Birmingham); Alan M. Shih (Birmingham)

8,520,370 - Audio visual enhancement apparatus - James W. Waitzman, III  (Homewood); Lewis Dorsey Cox (Leeds)

8,520,592 - Integrated wireless and wireline networks - Allen O. Moore (Florence)

8,520,929 - Method of sensing defects in the application of hot melt adhesive - Brent A. Murray (Dothan); William D. Knick, Jr. (Dothan)

8,521,156 - Terrestrial based high speed data communications mesh network - Donald Alcorn (Montgomery)

August 20, 2013

8,511,415 - Vehicle propulsion system - Henry Copeland (Montgomery)

8,511,497 - Collapsing garbage can - Robert Foster, Sr. (Mobile)

8,511,690 - Simplified low insertion force sealing device capable of self restraint and joint deflection - William W. Holmes, IV (Hoover); William H. Owen (Fultondale)

8,511,691 - Simplified low insertion force sealing device capable of self restraint and joint deflection - William W. Holmes, IV (Hoover); William H. Owen (Fultondale)

8,511,702 - Anti-jackknife system for backing-up a trailer - Jeffrey E. Howell (Clanton)

8,513,281 - Method of treating traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurogenic conditions using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and naturally occurring conotoxins - Jay M. Meythaler (Birmingham); Jean Peduzzi (Chelsea)

8,514,046 - Method for detachment of two objects - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville); Ryan Fechner (Madison); Kelly Loum (Athens)

D688,191 - Boat anchor - Jason G. Fowler (Tuscumbia)

August 13, 2013

8,505,577 - Pnumatically actuated bi-propellant valve (PABV) system for a throttling vortex engine - Daryoush M. Salehi (Huntsville); Roger P. Berry (Huntsville); Robert S. Michaels (Scottsboro)

8,505,767 - Leak proof container - Jean-Pierre Giraud (Auburn)

8,506,525 - Wound sealing fluid delivery apparatus and method - Patrick L. Bosarge  (Mobile)

8,506,741 - Protective film - James D. Moore (Madison); Brian G. Patrick (Madison); Garrett D. Poe (Madison); David L. Rodman (Meridianville); Lonnie F. Bradburn, Jr.  (Athens); Amy S. Davis (Huntsville)

8,506,914 - N-functionalized imidazole-containing systems and methods of use - Jason E. Bara (Tuscaloosa)

8,507,653 - Factor IX moiety-polymer conjugates having a releasable linkage - Mary J. Bossard (Madison); Gayle Stephenson (Decatur)

8,508,059 - Thrust reaction utilization method and system - Von L. Burton (Huntsville)

8,508,071 - Systems and methods for combining current from solar power arrays - Gary Warren Shelton (Huntsville)

8,509,765 - Terrestrial based high speed data communications mesh network - Donald Alcorn (Montgomery)

8,510,029 - Waypoint splining for autonomous vehicle following - Joshua J. Curtis  (Huntsville)

8,510,831 - System and method for protecting network resources from denial of service attacks - Chwan-Hwa Wu (Auburn); J. David Irwin (Auburn)

D687,917 - Fishing rig - Michael A Poss (Muscle Shoals)

D687,962 - Massage device - Adrian Giovanni DiVittorio (Mobile); Jonathan Harris  Rudolph (Mobile)

August 6, 2013

7,652,952 - Sonar imaging system for mounting to watercraft - David A. Betts (Eufaula); Robert W. Derrow (Eufaula)

8,499,398 - Surface cleaning apparatus - Chad A. Reese (Auburn)

8,499,514 - Wire mesh screed - William J. Farrell, Jr. (Anniston); John M. Metrock  (Montevallo)

8,499,681 - Actuating mechanism for fluid displacement and pressurizing device - Rowland W. Kanner (Guntersville); Richard M. Davis (Huntsville); Brian A. Roberts  (Owens Cross Roads)

8,499,694 - Two-fin stackable flechette having two-piece construction - David A. Bittle  (Somerville); Robert V. Weber (Huntsville); Julian L. Cothran (Arab)

8,500,184 - Trailer with multi-positional gate - J. Phillip Fraley (Winfield); John W. Davis, III (Winfield)

8,500,204 - Knock-down furniture assembly - James Foster Kemp (Pelham)

8,501,201 - Composition useful for improving skin - Tami Dion Harrison (Mobile)

8,501,899 - Multifunctional forms of polyoxazoline copolymers and drug compositions comprising the same - Kunsang Yoon (Madison); J. Milton Harris (Huntsville); Michael David Bentley (Huntsville); Zhihao Fang (Madison); Tacey Viegas  (Madison)

8,502,453 - Drop-in light emitting diode (LED) module, reflector, and flashlight including same - Gene Malkoff (Enterprise)

8,504,446 - Broadband intelligent event repository - Douglas Unkenholz (Homewood); Daniel Furlong (Alabaster)

July 30, 2013

8,496,056 - System and method for low damage fracturing - Ryan Hartman (Northport)

8,496,071 - Implement support stand - J. Phillip Fraley (Winfield); John W. Davis, III  (Winfield)

8,496,920 - N-halamine acrylamide monomers and copolymers thereof for biocidal coatings - Shelby D. Worley (Auburn); Royall M. Broughton (Opelika); Idris Cerkez  (Auburn)

8,497,357 - Degradable heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol) acrylates and gels and conjugates derived therefrom - J. Milton Harris (Huntsville); Xuan Zhao (Huntsville)

8,498,124 - Magnetic circuit board stacking component - Donald Folker (Madison); Travis Berry (Madison); Mike LeBlanc (Huntsville)

D686,805 - Men's high top sneaker - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

July 23, 2013

6,799,341 - Fitted crib sheet - Gerald E. Wootten, Jr. (Cullman)

8,490,273 - Pipe joint gasket and method of using same - Daniel A. Copeland  (Bessemer); Michael C. Keel (Birmingham)

8,490,470 - Parallel plate system for collecting data used to determine viscosity - William Kaukler (Huntsville); Edwin C. Ethridge (Huntsville)

8,490,824 - Bomb resistant garbage receptacle - William P. Green, Jr. (Mobile); David Fannon (Daphne)

8,491,775 - Combined chlorine and ozone generator sterilization system - Ronald L. Barnes (Owens Crossroads)

8,491,832 - Apparatus and method for forming a container having a receptacle and an integral cap and product formed thereby - Michael Gooden (Opelika); Randall Lecroy  (Opelika)

8,492,488 - Stabilized polymeric thiol reagents - Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville); Samuel P. McManus (Huntsville)

8,492,503 - Polymeric alpha-hydroxy aldehyde and ketone reagents and conjugation method - Sean M. Culbertson (Gurley); Xiaoming Shen (Madison); Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville); Samuel P. McManus (Huntsville)

8,492,512 - Process for reducing moisture in a biodegradable implant device - Adrian Raiche (Helena); Brandon Smith (Birmingham); Kehley Miller (Bessemer)

8,492,516 - Zona pellucida binding peptides for species specific immunocontraception of animals - Tatiana I. Samoylova (Auburn); Henry J. Baker (Auburn); Nancy Cox  (Auburn); Stephen Ditchkoff (Auburn); Kent Van Kampen (Hoover)

8,493,207 - Location information sharing system and method for conveying location information based on user authorization - Darrell Diem (Madison)

8,494,259 - Biologically-inspired metadata extraction (BIME) of visual data using a multi-    level universal scene descriptor (USD) - Mario Aguilar (Jacksonville)

8,494,829 - Sensor fusion and probabilistic parameter estimation method and apparatus - Rodrigo E. Teixeira (Madison)

8,495,735 - System and method for conducting a non-exact matching analysis on a phishing website - Gary Warner (Birmingham); Bradley Wardman (Birmingham)

D686,641 - Compaction cleat assembly - Robert John Brockway (Scottsboro)

D686,727 - Feminine sanitary napkin - Joyce Betts (Huntsville)

July 16, 2013

8,485,207 - Shade system for vehicles - Eric J. Boyington (Stockton)

8,486,435 - Core-sheath implant device having an inner core lobe - Michael E. Hudson  (Hayden)

D685,998 - Perforated stripping - Edward S. Robbins, III (Muscle Shoals); Ronald R. White (Florence)

D686,061 - Pulling eye - Allan Wayne Daniel (Woodland)

July 9, 2013

8,479,865 - Golf cart safety apparatus - Vincent Edward Jackson (Mobile)

8,479,947 - Dual compartment cooler - John A. Albrecht, II (Daleville)

8,479,962 - Wet umbrella carrier - Stephen Don Hall (Trussville)

8,480,146 - Strap and method for utilizing - Glenn Seale (Fairhope)

8,481,054 - Pneumococcal serotypes - Moon H. Nahm (Birmingham); Jisheng Lin  (Vestavia Hills)

8,482,213 - Electronic ballast with pulse detection circuit for lamp end of life and output short protection - Wei Xiong (Madison); Thomas Lunn (Hazel Green); Christopher  Radzinski (Huntsville)

8,482,929 - Systems for circuit board heat transfer and method of assembling same - David S. Slaton (Huntsville); David McDonald (Huntsville); Jerry L. Wright  (Huntsville)

8,484,043 - Method and system for medical procedure activity-based costing and margin analysis - Duane Brookhart (Montgomery)

8,484,690 - Methods, computer program products, and apparatus for providing broadband television service - Steven Ryals (Pinson); Donald Scott Smith (Cullman)

D685,903 - Head strap for nebulizer mask - Elizabeth Margaret White-Spratlin  (Auburn); Betty Joyce Spratlin (Auburn)

D685,974 - Grabber assembly - Thomas Price (Mentone)

July 2, 2013

8,474,207 - Strengthening wood frame construction against wind damage - John A Gilbert (Huntsville); Houssam Toutanji (Madison); David J. Alldredge (Owens Cross Roads)

8,475,775 - Retinoids and use thereof - Wayne J. Brouillette (Pelham); Donald D. Muccio (Hoover); Venkatram Reddy Atigadda (Birmingham); John M. Ruppert  (Birmingham); Susan M. Ruppert (Birmingham)

8,476,030 - Agents and methods related to reducing resistance to apoptosis-inducing death receptor agonists - Tong Zhou (Birmingham); Robert P. Kimberly (Birmingham)

   Robert P. Kimberly - Closed loop medication use system and method

8,478,604 - Closed loop medication use system and method - Dwight Henderson  (Montgomery)

June 25, 2013

8,468,738 - Fishers device - Rodney Dale Long (Adamsville)

8,469,300 - Spinning reel - Charles D. Camp (Eastaboga)

8,470,736 - Turfgrass quality - Scott McElroy (Auburn)

8,470,834 - AZO-substituted pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives and their use in treating viral infections - Cecil D. Kwong (Birmingham); Subramaniam Ananthan  (Birmingham); Hollis S. Kezar, III (Hoover); Joseph A. Maddry (Birmingham); Robert C. Reynolds (Birmingham); John A. Secrist, III (Birmingham)

8,471,475 - Modular dimming ballast with decoupled half-bridge topology - Wei Xiong (Madison)

8,471,658 - Magnetic switch for operating a circuit - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

D684,790 - Bed - Chaney Boatright (Tuscaloosa)

D684,888 - Star ornament - Conan Tristan Clayton (Madison)

June 18, 2013

8,464,475 - Pipe flashing apparatus and method - William Archie McDow, Jr.  (Tallassee); David Campbell McDow (Montgomery)

8,464,750 - Magnetostrictive pressure regulating system - James A. Richard (Grant); Herman L. Pickens (Gurley)

8,464,879 - Retail display stand - Bailey Jean Black, Jr. (Florence); Bryan F. Magee  (Killen)

8,466,177 - Treating and preventing viral infections - Ming Luo (Birmingham)

8,466,276 - Oligomer conjugates of heteropentacyclic nucleosides - Bo-Liang Deng  (Madison); Timothy A. Riley (Huntsville); Jennifer Riggs-Sauthier (Huntsville)

8,468,223 - Cooperation for consumer and service provider MoCA networks - Albert L. Garrett (Gadsden); Jeffrey Scott Ford (Madison); Jack Thomas Matheney (Madison)

8,468,597 - System and method for identifying a phishing website - Gary Warner  (Birmingham); Bradley Wardman (Birmingham)

June 11, 2013

8,459,020 - Wave and water energy converter mounted on bridge supports - Paul M Swamidass (Auburn)

8,459,579 - Method of making hydrophilic fluoropolymer material - J. Michael Donckers, II (Decatur); Arthur Russell Nelson (Decatur); Chester Darryl Moon (Tuscumbia)

8,460,696 - Polyamine derivatives - Gregory Slobodkin (Huntsville); Richard Congo  (Huntsville); Majed Matar (Madison); Jason Fewell (Madison); Khursheed Anwer  (Madison); Brian Jeffery Sparks (Huntsville)

8,461,118 - Lytic peptides having anti-proliferative activity against prostate cancer cells - Clayton Yates (Auburn); Jesse Jaynes (Auburn); Timothy Turner (Auburn)

8,461,295 - Methods for preparing polymeric reagents and compositions of polymeric reagents - Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville); Jon McKannan (Huntsville); Samuel P. McManus (Huntsville)

8,461,516 - Apparatus and process for generating a neutron beam - William V. Dent  (Hampton Cove)

8,461,804 - System for replenishing energy sources onboard different types of automatic vehicles - Peter David Capizzo (Madison)

8,461,952 - Field emission system and method - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,462,218 - Real-time image stabilization - Gene A. Grindstaff (Decatur); Sheila G. Whitaker (Gurley)

8,462,491 - Platform for military radio with vehicle adapter amplifier - Frank N. Perkins, III (Huntsville); Jeffrey K. Taylor (Huntsville); Lloyd W. Childs (Huntsville)

8,462,654 - Communications system with bonding engine configured for maximum packet fragment size as adapted to communications line pairs and related method - Darrin L. Gieger (Huntsville); Kevin W. Schneider (Huntsville); Arlynn Wilson (Huntsville); Robert A. Barrett (Madison)

June 4, 2013

8,454,536 - Guide wire advancer assembly and methods for advancing a guide wire - J. Daniel Raulerson (Brewton)

8,454,946 - N-maleimidyl polymer derivatives - Xiaoming Shen (Madison)

8,455,624 - Methods and compositions for detecting endometrial or ovarian cancer - Michael A. Finan (Mobile); Rodney P. Rocconi (Mobile); Lewis K. Pannell (Mobile)

8,457,137 - Branch exchange methods and apparatuses for switching telecommunication signals - Mark A. Spencer (Madison); Michael W. Morris (Huntsville)

8,457,138 - Systems and methods for propagating frame relay congestion notifications through a packet network - Harold L. Boling (Madison)

D683,526 - Women's sneaker - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

D683,579 - Identification band for beverage cup - Laura G. Black (Vestavia Hills)

May 28, 2013

8,448,375 - Fishing apparatus - Michael Glen Blankenship (New Hope)

8,448,440 - Method and apparatus for achieving higher thermal efficiency in a steam engine or steam expander - Jerry A. Peoples (Harvest)

8,448,498 - Hermetic seal leak detection apparatus - Anthony R. Kelley (Somerville)

8,449,145 - Mounting apparatus for a light emitting diode module - Travis Berry  (Madison); Ted Kluska (Masison); Matthew Sullivan (Madison)

8,449,756 - Method for producing ferrate (V) and/or (VI) - Bruce F. Monzyk (Town Creek)

8,449,872 - Polymer conjugates of nesiritide peptides - Harold Zappe (Harvest); Mary J. Bossard (Madison)

8,450,111 - Lipid extraction from microalgae using a single ionic liquid - Roberto Di Salvo  (Madison); Alton Reich (Huntsville); H. Waite H. Dykes, Jr. (Huntsville); Rodrigo Teixeira (Huntsville)

8,450,390 - Methods for the formation of hydrogels using thiosulfonate compositions and uses thereof - Zhihao Fang (Madison); Michael D. Bentley (Huntsville)

8,450,498 - Ionic liquid epoxy resin monomers - Mark S. Paley (Huntsville)

8,450,946 - Zone addressing circuit for an electronic ballast - Thomas Lunn (Hazel Green); Candice Damian (Huntsville)

8,451,013 - Insulated fiber sensor apparatus and method - Kuang-Ting Hsiao (Mobile)

8,451,189 - Ultra-wide band (UWB) artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) metamaterials for electrically thin antennas and arrays - Herbert U. Fluhler (Madison)

8,452,395 - Battery longevity estimator that accounts for episodes of high current drain - Ann M. Crespi (Mobile)

8,452,537 - System and method for predicting tornado activity - Matthew Alan Havin  (Huntsville); Robert J. Dreisewerd, Jr. (Huntsville); Robert O. Baron, Sr. (Huntsville)

D683,166 - Perforated stripping with header - Edward S. Robbins, III (Muscle Shoals); Ronald R. White (Florence)

D683,409 - Tray for modular construction toys - Andrea K. Lomax (Daphne); Michael S. Lomax (Daphne)

May 21, 2013

7,755,974 - Side scan sonar imaging system with enhancement - David A. Betts  (Eufaula); Robert W. Derrow (Eufaula)

8,443,910 - Fire extinguishing device - Joseph L Parsley (Town Creek)

8,444,891 - Carbon nanotube (CNT) extrusion methods and CNT wire and composites - Peter David Capizzo (Madison)

8,445,017 - Biodegradable cross-linked cationic multi-block copolymers for gene delivery and methods of making thereof - Gregory Slobodkin (Huntsville); Majed Matar  (Madison); Jason Fewell (Madison); Khursheed Anwer (Madison)

8,445,255 - Inoculants including Bacillus bacteria for inducing production of volatile organic compounds in plants - Joseph W. Kloepper (Auburn); Henry Y. Fadamiro  (Auburn)

8,445,678 - 2-quinoxalinol salen compounds and uses thereof - Anne E. V. Gorden  (Auburn); Xianghong Wu (Auburn)

8,446,277 - Proximity warning system with silent zones - Larry D. Frederick (Huntsville)

8,447,435 - System and method for routing power across multiple microgrids having DC and AC buses - Landon Cabell Garland Miller (Tuscaloosa)

D683,073 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

D683,086 - Whistle cleaning device - Stanley Quinn Wormely (Leeds)

May 14, 2013

6,254,904 - Food and vitamin preparation containing the natural isomer of reduced folates - Steven W. Bailey (Mobile); June E. Ayling (Mobile)

7,710,825 - Side scan sonar imaging system with boat position on display - David A. Betts (Eufaula); Robert W. Derrow (Eufaula)

8,438,679 - Bedding system and the like having orientation means - Gerald Wootten, Jr.  (Cullman)

8,438,708 - Shoe lace cover - Keith Tuck (Montgomery)

8,439,099 - Dual curtain closure system having uni-directional securing hooks - Grant W. Crider (Bremen)

8,439,250 - Friction-stir weld-tool and method (Huntsville)

8,439,427 - Trailer side rail - James H. Adams (Jasper)

8,440,623 - Polymer stabilized neuropeptides - Michael David Bentley (Huntsville)

8,440,687 - Oligomer-opioid agonist conjugates - Jennifer Riggs-Sauthier (Huntsville); Bo-Liang Deng (Madison); Timothy A. Riley (Huntsville)

8,440,787 - Hydroxyapatite-targeting multiarm polymers and conjugates made therefrom - Samuel P. McManus (Huntsville); Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville)

8,440,813 - Antiviral nucleoside analogs - Yarlagadda S. Babu (Birmingham); Pooran Chand (Birmingham); V. Satish Kumar (Birmingham); Pravin L. Kotian (Birmingham); Minwan Wu (Birmingham)

8,440,815 - Pneumococcal serotype 6D - Moon H. Nahm (Birmingham); In Ho Park  (Birmingham)

8,440,816 - Branched polymers - Michael David Bentley (Huntsville); Xiaoming Shen  (Madison); William Dudley Battle, III (Huntsville)

8,441,203 - Dimming electronic ballast for true parallel lamp operation - Wei Xiong  (Madison)

8,442,074 - Systems and methods for passing timing information over packet networks - Richard Goodson (Huntsville); Stacy Murphree (Harvest); Jason Morgan (Brownsboro); Stuart Venters (Huntsville)

8,442,520 - Terrestrial based high speed data communications mesh network - Donald Alcorn (Montgomery)

8,443,065 - System and method for locating, identifying and provisioning newly deployed network devices - Troy W. White (Toney)

May 7, 2013

8,434,175 - Nonwoven fabrics for bedding applications - Christopher Wright  (Guntersville); Christopher Resha (Arab)

8,435,364 - Hypergolic liquid or gel fuel mixtures - William H. Stevenson, III  (Huntsville); LaShanda D. Felton (Huntsville); Zhu Slocum-Wang (Huntsville)

8,435,465 - Microfluidic biological extraction chip - Shivshankar Sundaram (Madison); Balabhaskar Prabhakarpandian (Madison); Kapil Pant (Huntsville); Yi Wang  (Madison)

8,435,483 - Method for making ammonium metatungstate - John R. White (Huntsville)

8,435,504 - Method for preparing water-soluble polymer derivatives bearing a terminal carboxylic acid - Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville)

8,435,505 - Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for delivering such compositions - Michael D. Bentley (Huntsville); Sean M. Culbertson (Gurley); Samuel P. McManus  (Huntsville)

8,436,157 - Method for the production of sucralose - James Edwin Wiley, Jr. (Daphne); Duane A. Leinhos (Satsuma)

8,436,283 - System and method for guiding and controlling a missile using high order sliding mode control - Christian Tournes (Madison); Yuri Shtessel (Owens Cross Roads)

8,436,780 - Planar loop antenna system - Hans Gregory Schantz (Hampton Cove); Eric Richards (Madison)

8,437,111 - Systems and methods for current limiting with overload protection - Jared D. Cress (Decatur); Daniel M. Joffe (Owens Cross Roads)

8,437,355 - Systems and methods for scheduling business and residential services in optical networks - Richard Goodson (Huntsville)

8,437,457 - System and method for call routing based on source of call - Jason Amos  (Albertville); Jones E. Allison, III (Madison)

8,437,469 - Electrical protection device configured to reduce crosstalk caused by fuses - Kevin Earnst (Madison)

8,437,977 - Controller testing unit - Richard Keith Woodard, II (Madison); Steven J. Ferguson (Huntsville); Grant Michael Davis (Laceys Spring)

8,438,250 - Systems and methods for updating script images in wireless networks - David B. Ewing (Madison)

8,438,286 - Methods and apparatus to allocate resources associated with a distributive computing network - Rene Glover (Pelham); James Paul Fox (Homewood)

April 30, 2013

8,431,082 - Apparatus and method for producing purified hydrogen gas by a pressure swing adsorption processes - Takeshi Kamei (Theodore)

8,431,764 - Para-xylene-separation with aluminosilicate X-type zeolite compositions with low LTA-type zeolite - Jack E. Hurst (Mobile)

8,432,226 - Amplifier circuits and methods for cancelling Miller capacitance - Daniel M. Joffe (Owens Cross Roads)

8,433,613 - Web site audio/video presentation system - Steven Crim (Fairhope)

D680,820 - Culinary tool - Carter W. McGuyer (Tuscumbia)

D681,155 - Rotor for fishing reel - Charles D. Camp (Eastaboga)

April 23, 2013

8,425,279 - Apparatus for manufacturing seeds for polycrystalline silicon manufacture - Larry Gurley (Semmes); Ken Rowell (Coden)

8,425,700 - High energy, low temperature gelled bi-propellant formulation preparation method - Roberto DiSalvo (Madison)

8,425,763 - Processes for removing sulfur from a hydrocarbon stream utilizing silver- based sorbents - Bruce Tatarchuk (Auburn); Hongyun Yang (Auburn); Sachin Nair  (Auburn)

8,427,074 - PLC controller and discharge lighting ballast receiver with high noise immunity - Wei Xiong (Madison); Danny Pugh (Harvest); Christopher Radzinski (Huntsville)

8,427,308 - Method and system of providing real-time site specific information - Robert O. Baron, Sr. (Huntsville); Tony L. Benson (Huntsville); Thomas S. Thompson (Athens); Erick C. Jones (Madison); Robert J. Dreisewerd, Jr. (Owens Cross Roads)

April 16, 2013

8,418,592 - Firearm based breaching tool - Robert Gonstad (Hanceville)

8,420,023 - Microfibrous media and packing method for optimizing and controlling highly exothermic and highly endothermic reactions/processes - Bruce Tatarchuk (Auburn); Hongyun Yang (Auburn); Donald Cahela (Auburn)

8,420,068 - Polymer-based compositions and conjugates of antimicrobial agents - Mary J. Bossard (Madison); Stacy Mitchell (Madison)

8,420,071 - Herpes simplex virus expressing foreign genes and method for treating cancers therewith - Richard J. Whitley (Birmingham); James MacDowell Markert  (Birmingham); George Yancey Gillespie (Birmingham); Jacqueline Nuss Parker  (Birmingham)

8,420,072 - Vaccination of sex reversed hybrid tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus x O. aureus) with an inactivated Vibrio vulnificus vaccine - Craig A. Shoemaker (Notasulga); Benjamin R. LaFentz (Auburn)

8,420,327 - Analyte sensors, methods for preparing and using such sensors, and methods of detecting analyte activity - April L. Ellis (Pinson)

8,420,582 - Friction and wear modifiers using solvent partitioning of hydrophilic surface- interactive chemicals contained in boundary layer-targeted emulsions - Robert Chafee Richmond (Huntsville)

8,420,593 - Compositions and methods for regulating membrane potential - Landon C. G. Miller (Tuscaloosa)

8,420,602 - Endocannabinoid conjugate and a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of neuronal disorders - Landon C. G. Miller (Tuscaloosa)

8,421,270 - System and method for a controlled interconnected DC and AC bus microgrid - Landon Cabell Garland Miller (Tuscaloosa)

8,423,310 - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for facility integrity testing - Anthony Scott Dobbins (Rainbow City); Murray E. Nuckols (Birmingham); Linda A. Stephens (Riberside)

D680,291 - Iron holder - Henry K. Shepherd (Birmingham)

April 9, 2013

8,414,245 - Container transfer system for uploading and downloading mating container relative to a transport vehicle - Jack M. Johnson (Auburn); Matt Romito (Opelika)

8,414,839 - Ozone generator retrofit apparatus for jetted tubs, spas and other water circulation facilities - Ronald L. Barnes (Owens Crossroads)

8,414,897 - Pathway for Th-17 cell development and methods utilizing same - Casey T. Weaver (Birmingham); Laurie E. Harrington (Birmingham)

8,415,322 - Modified fluorinated nucleoside analogues - Jeremy Clark (Birmingham)

8,416,045 - Magnetic power converter - Harvey S. Henning, III (Madison); David L. Priputen (Madison)

8,417,350 - Recordable macros for pacemaker follow-up - Jeffrey A. Hall (Clanton); G. Neal Kay (Birmingham)

8,417,465 - Synthetic microfluidic blood-brain barrier - Balabhaskar Prabhakarpandian  (Madison); Kapil Pant (Madison); Ketan Harendrakumar Bhatt (Madison)

8,417,856 - High speed sensor data transfer interface - Alton Reich (Huntsville); Stephen Doherty (New Hope)

8,418,064 - Systems and methods for displaying node information in wireless networks - Mark A. Guagenti (Huntsville); David B. Ewing (Madison)

April 2, 2013

8,408,493 - Composite stringer end trim - Joshua D. Barnard (Madison); Brian W. Arent (Huntsville)

8,408,629 - Rotational variable torque damper for a seat assembly for a vehicle - Jason Miles Baker (Pell City)

8,408,652 - Adjustable foot rest - Frank L. Mobley, Sr. (Ashford)

8,409,394 - Fluid pressure lamination system - James McLaughlin (Huntsville)

8,410,092 - Two-component pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of pain - Alton Samuel Kelley, II (Mobile); James Gregory Sullivan (Birmingham)

8,410,882 - Field emission system and method - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,411,108 - Rotational display system - Mark D. Gilbert (Birmingham)

D679,372 - Portable evaporative cooling fan - Shawn J. Crider (Bremen); Lesley R. Jenkins (Cullman)

March 26, 2013

8,402,692 - Invertible plant pot - Hong Ku Park (Huntsville)

8,403,080 - Earth-boring tools and components thereof including material having hard phase in a metallic binder, and metallic binder compositions for use in forming such tools and components - Prakash K. Mirchandani (Hampton Cove); Gabriel B. Collins  (Huntsville)

8,403,431 - Telecommunications enclosures - Jin Elkins (Opelika)

8,403,891 - Method for centering a valve - J. Daniel Raulerson (Brewton)

8,404,040 - Curing or sealing compositions for concrete and cement formulations and processes for using the same - Steven J. Wantling (Hoover)

8,404,205 - Apparatus and method for producing polycrystalline silicon having a reduced amount of boron compounds by forming phosphorus-boron compounds - Laura Prine  (Theodore); Richard M. Halstead (Spanish Fort); Michael W. Keevan (Theodore)

8,404,222 - Soluble, degradable poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives for controllable release of bound molecules into solution - J. Milton Harris (Huntsville)

8,404,271 - Contact drug delivery system - Mark E. Byrne (Auburn); Siddarth Venkatesh (Auburn)

8,405,245 - Emergency response steering wheel device - Jimmy Ray Clay, II (Steele)

8,405,871 - Augmented reality dynamic plots techniques for producing and interacting in Augmented Reality with paper plots for which accompanying metadata is accessible - Mark D. Smith (Huntsville)

8,406,007 - Magnetic circuit board connector component - Donald Folker (Madison); Mike LeBlanc (Huntsville)

8,406,083 - Flasher sonar device with interleaved zoom - David A. Betts (Eufaula); David E. Malphurs (Eufaula); Christopher James Bennett (Eufaula)

8,406,729 - Methods and systems for relaying out of range emergency information - Ross Jacobs (Bessemer)

8,407,115 - System and method for monitoring, controlling, and displaying utility information - Adrian O'Neil (Madison)

March 19, 2013

8,398,144 - Longitudinal adjustment device - Richard O. Nord, Jr. (Jemison); Antal Teer  (Millbrook)

8,398,164 - Seat flap for a vehicle seat - Jason Miles Baker (Pell City)

8,399,019 - Oral delivery vehicle and material - Ed Rogers (Alabaster); Roy W. Gilbert  (Alabaster)

8,399,031 - Compositions and methods for restoring pulmonary function - Gerald Brown  (Piedmont)

8,399,686 - Process for preparing cyclic esters comprising unsaturated functional groups and polyesters prepared from same - Peter Markland (Birmingham); Xi Zhang  (Birmingham)

8,399,815 - Apparatus and method for hardening bearing surfaces of a crankshaft - Ronald R. Akers (Guntersville); Gary M. Campbell (Albertville); Dennis McKinney  (Boaz); Richard McKelvey (Albertville)

8,400,220 - Quiescent current control for class AB output stages - Daniel M. Joffe  (Owens Crossroads)

8,400,348 - Airborne biota monitoring and control system - David Lehmann Guice  (Brownsboro); Augustus Hammond Green, Jr. (New Market); William Vaden Dent, Jr. (Huntsville)

8,401,174 - System and method for optimizing termination impedance for an analog telephone line - John Whitehouse (Union Grove); Scott Dendy (Arab)

8,402,120 - System and method for locating and configuring network device - David Perkinson (Madison)

March 12, 2013

8,393,020 - Bath and shower support system - Willie T. Grant (Birmingham)

8,393,136 - Concave deck flexible hitch cutter - J. Phillip Fraley (Winfield); John W. Davis, III (Winfield)

8,393,520 - Pulsed ultrasonic stir welding system - R. Jeffrey Ding (Athens)

8,393,523 - Pulsed ultrasonic stir welding method - R. Jeffrey Ding (Athens)

8,393,898 - Apparatus for filtering dental solid waste - Charles McCary (Huntsville)

8,394,764 - Griffithsin, glycosylation-resistant griffithsin, and related conjugates, compositions, nucleic acids, vectors, host cells, methods of production and methods of use - Michael R. Boyd (Mobile)

8,395,467 - Magnetic attachment system - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,395,484 - System and method for monitoring objects, people, animals or places - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope)

D677,523 - Tumbler lid - Robert Blckert (Mobile)

March 5, 2013

8,387,749 - Shock absorbing fabric structures - Timothy M. Russell (Anniston); John E. Jennings (Anniston)

8,387,750 - Shock absorbing fabric structures - Timothy M. Russell (Anniston); John E. Jennings (Anniston)

8,387,785 - Two chambered baby bottle attachment for storing and dispensing infant formula - Seth Kershaw Weissich (Loxley)

8,387,823 - Dispensing apparatus system and method - Clifford H. Davis, Jr. (Tuskegee)

8,387,951 - Apparatus and method of lifting and moving objects - Delano P. Johnson  (Wetumpka)

8,388,010 - Manual wheelchair power assist - Franklin Brent Butts (Salem); John David Gowen (Tallassee)

8,388,846 - Method and apparatus for lysing and processing algae - Geoffrey Chew  (Huntsville); Alton J. Reich (Huntsville); H. Waite H. Dykes, Jr. (Huntsville); Roberto Di Salvo (Madison)

8,388,849 - Method and apparatus for skimming oil from water using absorbent pads - John Morgan Sherman (Bon Secour)

8,388,995 - Controlled and extended delivery of hyaluronic acid and comfort molecules via a contact lens platform - Maryam Ali (Auburn); Mark E. Byrne (Auburn)

8,389,483 - Intrauterine fetal growth restriction—the treatment modalities for clinical research, and the biochemical rationale - Sumathi Paturu (Pleasant Grove)

8,389,759 - Oligomer-anticholinergic agent conjugates - Jennifer Riggs-Sauthier  (Huntsville); Bo-Liang Deng (Madison)

8,392,293 - Parts marking system and method - Nancy Regan (Madison)

8,392,606 - Wireless networks and methods using multiple valid network identifiers - Kevin R. Banks (Madison); David B. Ewing (Madison)

D677,095 - Stripping for industrial curtains - Edward S. Robbins, III (Muscle Shoals); Kelly O. Dillon (Killen); Harry L. Raney (Florence); Ronald R. White (Florence)

D677,396 - Vial - John Belfance (Phenix City)

D677,397 - Vial - John Belfance (Phenix City)

D677,398 - Vial - John Belfance (Phenix City)

D677,399 - Vial - John Belfance (Phenix City)

D677,429 - Triangular-shaped feminine wipe - Sharon R. Muhammad (Trussville)

February 26, 2013

8,381,586 - Unitary drive system for water meter - John Raymond Scarborough, III  (Auburn)

8,381,627 - Method for severing tubes using an expandable shape charge positioner - David Jacob Fannon (Daphne)

8,382,205 - Adjustable device for motor vehicle seat - Antal Teer (Millbrook)

8,382,922 - High performance, low toxicity hypergolic fuel - Debasis Sengupta  (Madison)

8,383,068 - Apparatus for performing amplicon rescue multiplex PCR - Jeff Bertrand  (Hazel Green); Jian Han (Huntsville)

8,383,093 - Subcutaneous delivery of poly(oxazoline) conjugates - Randall Moreadith  (Huntsville); Michael David Bentley (Huntsville); Kunsang Yoon (Madison); Zhihao Fang (Madison); Rebecca Weimer (Huntsville); Bekir Dizman (Huntsville); Tacey Viegas (Madison)

8,383,380 - Segmented polymers and their conjugates - Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville); Xiaoming Shen (Madison); Michael D. Bentley (Huntsville); Zhihao Fang (Madison); Tony L. Sander (Madison)

8,384,346 - Techniques for producing an electrical pulse - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,384,415 - Method and system for identifying counterfeit programmable logic devices - James M. Lewis (Moulton)

8,385,064 - Reversible fan module for electronic enclosures - Brian C. Smith (Madison); Jacob D. McCleary (Harvest)

8,386,426 - System and method for editing cartographic data - Stanley M. Owen, Jr.  (Huntsville); Eric M. Schwartz (Madison)

February 19, 2013

8,375,624 - Carpenter bee traps - Brian Robert Blazer (Heflin)

8,375,860 - Stackable, easily packaged and aerodynamically stable flechette - David A. Bittle (Somerville); Robert V. Weber (Huntsville); Julian L. Cothran (Arab)

8,375,896 - Method of use of dicalcium phosphate as an antler scent - Gaines B. Slade, Jr. (Mobile)

8,376,024 - Foundry mold insulating coating - Charles Earl Bates (Birmingham)

8,376,268 - Flight control system using thrust devices - Paul Robert Otto (Birmingham)

8,377,831 - Selection of nanoparticles using CO2-expanded liquids - Christopher B. Roberts (Auburn); Madhu Anand (Auburn)

8,378,579 - Ballast circuit for a gas discharge lamp with a control loop to reduce filament heating voltage below a maximum heating level - Thomas Lunn (Hazel Green); Wei Xiong (Madison)

8,380,443 - Microfluidic assay for characterization of the leukocyte adhesion cascade - Balabhaskar Prabhakarpandian (Madison); Kapil Pant (Madison)

8,380,828 - System and method for locating offending network device and maintaining network integrity - Timothy J. Schlichter (Huntsville); David Perkinson (Madison); Mark Rudolph (Madison)

8,381,292 - System and method for branding a phishing website using advanced pattern matching - Gary Warner (Birmingham); Bradley Wardman (Birmingham)

D676,535 - Lighted headpiece with fan for portable work light - Kenneth A. Barrett  (Montgomery)

February 12, 2013

8,371,547 - Detector extender support systems - Kathleen N. Wilkowske (Montgomery)

8,371,598 - Width adjuster for motorcycle stand - Charles N. VanValkenburgh  (Huntsville)

8,371,601 - Fifth wheel slide assembly secondary lock - Steven W. Mann (Gardendale)

8,372,171 - CO generator and process for desulfurizing solid carbon-based fuels - Louis Herrington (Daphne)

8,372,422 - Hydroxyapatite-targeting poly(ethylene glycol) and related polymers - Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville)

8,373,526 - Field emission system and method - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,373,527 - Magnetic attachment system - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,374,431 - Method and apparatus for direct detection, location, analysis, identification, and reporting of vegetation clearance violations - James W. Dow (Pelham); Michael D. Rhodes (Gardendale); William A. Openshaw (Bessemer); Alan R. Page  (Moundville)

8,374,905 - Predicting success of a proposed project - Jimmie C. Graham (Mobile)

D676,191 - Lighted headpiece for portable work light - Kenneth A. Barrett  (Montgomery)

February 5, 2013

8,365,331 - Auto powered jack apparatus - John D. Young (Eight Mile)

8,365,380 - Laptop computer repair kit - Jerenita Leavy (Birmingham); Ambreia Leavy  (Birmingham)

8,365,502 - Composite tube having co-bonded end fittings - Christopher T. Allen  (Owens Cross Roads); Edward M. Fisher (Huntsville)

8,365,673 - System and method for railroad track tie plate collection from a rail bed - Mark Plyler (Notasulga); Andy Loftis (Pike Road); Dennis Grantham (Elmore); Gary Gibson (Montgomery)

8,366,201 - Method for open pit bench mining - Garry N. Drummond (Birmingham); Eugene Honeycutt (Birmingham); Harold Gene Anderson (Jasper)

8,366,268 - Eye wear retention device - Ronald Wade Willaims (Birmingham)

8,366,345 - Powered screed machine - Henry Copeland (Montgomery)

8,366,573 - Light-emitting components for arrows - C. Timothy Hunt (Dadeville)

8,367,737 - Method of using biothionol and biothionol-like compounds as anti-angiogenic agents - Zhican Qu (Birmingham); Subramaniam Ananthan (Birmingham)

8,368,495 - System and method for defining magnetic structures - Larry W. Fullerton  (New Hope); Mark Roberts (Huntsville); Ryan R. Fechner (Madison); Kelly G. Loum  (Athens)

8,369,485 - Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture to trigger preemptive maintenance in vectored digital subscriber line (DSL) systems - Gary Tennyson  (Pelham)

8,370,223 - Broadband intelligent event repository - Douglas Unkenholz (Homewood); Daniel Furlong (Alabaster)

D675,409 - Shoe sole - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

D675,410 - Shoe sole - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

D675,524 - Cup lid - Robert Bickert (Mobile)

January 29, 2013

8,359,675 - Flash fire and chemical resistant fabric and garments - Adam J. Terrell  (Horton)

8,359,963 - Expandable shape charge positioner - David Jacob Fannon (Daphne)

8,360,443 - Pallet jack system and method for the transportation of stackable packaged goods pallets - Stanley Charles Ellington (Trussville)

8,360,462 - Folding trailer - William Rodgers Mayfield (Opelika)

8,362,798 - Programmable logic device having an embedded test logic with secure access control - Charles E. Fulks, III (Madison)

8,365,244 - Systems, methods and computer program products supporting provision of web services using IMS - Loraine Beyer (Hoover); Amy Zwarico (Mountain Brook)

D674,998 - Shoe sole - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

D674,999 - Shoe sole - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

D675,000 - Shoe sole - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

D675,001 - Shoe sole - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

D675,260 - Elongated hole punch - Willard E. Yarbrough (Enterprise); Peggy J. Yarbrough (Enterprise)

January 22, 2013

8,356,400 - Method for manufacturing a field emission structure - Larry W. Fullerton  (New Hope); Mark D. Roberts (Huntsville)

8,356,450 - Smart panel - Mark Andrew Larimore (Montgomery)

8,356,562 - Pallet - Todd Palmer (Tuscaloosa)

8,356,696 - Air-operated device and method for lubricating components with elimination of lubricant waste - Brian Carroll (Leeds); Michael Neu (Oxford); Chris Petty  (Anniston); Dudley Headley (Cropwell); David McCoy (Leeds); Stephen Smith  (Munford)

8,357,020 - Life jacket - Jason Hansbro (Sylacauga)

8,357,212 - Botanical fuel oxygenate compositions - Carla G Herndon (Anniston)

8,357,304 - Hazardous material storage and leak mitigation system - Alton Reich  (Huntsville); Roberto DiSalvo (Madison); Stephen Doherty (New Hope); H Waite Dykes (Huntsville)

8,357,509 - Microbial expression of tobacco osmotin for biocidal and medical applications - Tung-Shi Huang (Auburn); Ywh-Min Tzou (Auburn); Narendra Slngh (Auburn); Bryan A. Chin (Auburn)

8,357,884 - System of extraction of volatiles from soil using microwave processes - Edwin C. Ethridge (Huntsville); William F. Kaukler (Huntsville)

8,358,403 - Remote platform enhanced munitions detection - Robert A. Smith (Hampton Cove); Steve B. Pickard (Guntersville); David K. Mefford (Huntsville); Aaron Frost Markowitz (Huntsville)

8,358,492 - Surge protection systems and methods for ethernet communication equipment in outside plant environments - James B. Wiese (Toney); Daniel M. Joffe  (Owens Crossroads)

D674,582 - Shoe sole - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

D674,583 - Shoe sole - Wiley L. Day, Jr. (Madison)

D674,711 - Slider for adjustable spoon - Rodney W. Robbins (Florence)

D674,712 - Adjustable spoon - Rodney W. Robbins (Florence)

January 15, 2013

8,353,431 - Spray bottle suction straw diversion device - John Wilmer Ward, II  (Huntsville)

8,354,477 - Multi-armed, monofunctional, and hydrolytically stable derivatives of poly(ethylene glycol) and related polymers for modification of surfaces and molecules - J. Milton Harris (Huntsville)

8,354,549 - Method for preparing a polymer conjugate - Wen Zhang (Madison)

8,354,758 - Cyclo-turbine power generator - James H. Boschma (Huntsville)

8,354,795 - Program start ballast with true parallel lamp operation - Wei Xiong (Madison)

8,354,909 - Magnetic attachment system having a non-magnetic region - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark Roberts (Huntsville)

8,355,876 - Microfluidic assay for selection and optimization of drug delivery vehicles to tumors - Balabhaskar Prabhakarpandian (Madison); Kapil Pant (Madison)

D674,241 - Tumbler - Robert Bickert (Mobile)

D674,461 - Multiple arm fishing rig - Ronald Ray Woller (Decatur)

D674,542 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

D674,543 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

D674,544 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

January 8, 2013

8,347,431 - Apparatus and method for a pillow holder - William N. Cohron, III (Mobile)

8,347,502 - Heat sink and method of forming a heatsink using a wedge-lock system - David S. Slaton (Huntsville); David L. McDonald (Lacey's Spring)

8,348,016 - Descender with fall arrest and controlled rate of descent - Richard W. Lewis  (Birmingham); Lance Wolf (Madison)

8,348,563 - Coil support and transport system and process - William Buxton (Decatur)

8,348,675 - Apparatus and method for delivery of instructional information - Bernhard Dohrmann (Huntsville)

8,349,216 - Nonlinear optical applications of nonconjugated conductive polymers - Mrinal Thakur (Auburn)

8,349,307 - Polymer conjugates of opioid antagonists - Michael David Bentley  (Huntsville); Xiaoming Shen (Madison); Lin Cheng (Huntsville)

8,349,351 - Contact drug delivery system - Mark E. Byrne (Auburn); Siddarth Venkatesh (Auburn)

8,349,352 - Therapeutic contact lenses with anti-fungal delivery - Mark E. Byrne  (Auburn); Allison Collins (Mobile); Asa D. Vaughan (Huntsboro); Siddarth Venkatesh (Auburn)

8,349,570 - Enhancing endotoxin detection - Michael G. Pepe (Birmingham); Milton Keith Champion (Hoover)

8,349,800 - Von Willebrand factor- and factor VIII-polymer conjugates having a releasable linkage - Mary J. Bossard (Madison) Gayle Stephenson (Decatur); Zhihao Fang (Madison); Harold Zappe (Harvest); Stacy Mitchell (Madison); Ping Zhang  (Madison)

8,350,678 - Power line dimming controller and receiver - Wei Xiong (Madison); Christopher Radzinski (Huntsville)

8,350,717 - Fixed network for an automatic utility meter reading system - William James Brennan, Jr. (Montgomery); David Hamilton (Auburn); Mohammed Ali  (Montgomery); Joe Cely (Montgomery); Quentin Easterling (Tallassee); Ed Poorbaugh (Montgomery); Burt Carter (Auburn); Warren Wynn (Montgomery); Dan White (Montgomery)

8,353,027 - System and method for enhanced protection and control over the use of identity - Gary M. Dennis (Indian Springs); Sharon D. Dennis (Indian Springs)

D673,795 - Food display tray - Richard M. Murrah (Vestavia Hills)

D674,136 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

D674,147 - Glove - John Martin, Jr. (Tuscaloosa)

January 1, 2013

8,342,279 - Modular vehicle and associated method of construction - Howard C. Florus  (Madison); David E. Hall (Madison)

8,342,463 - Swing support connector - Brian Henry (Fort Payne)

8,342,485 - Compression post mount - William G. McGinness (Pinson); Randall Heath  (Pinson)

8,342,492 - Devices for reducing or eliminating defects in polymer workpieces - Garrett D. Poe (Madison); Brian G. Patrick (Madison)

8,343,048 - Retractor system - W. Lee Warren, Jr. (Auburn)

8,343,107 - Sealing valve - J. Daniel Raulerson (Brewton)

8,343,435 - Additive effect enhanced hydrogen peroxide disinfection method and apparatus - Rowland W. Kanner (Guntersville)

8,343,495 - Equine antibodies against Bacillus anthracis for passive immunization and treatment - Kenny V. Brock (Notasulga)

8,343,506 - Chimeric chikungunya virus and uses thereof - Ilya V. Frolov (Birmingham)

8,343,634 - Triglyceride compositions useful for preparing composite panels and applications thereof - Steven J. Wantling (Hoover)

8,343,719 - Microrna as biomarker in cancer - Jingfang Ju (Mobile); Yaguang Xi  (Mobile)

8,343,937 - Methods and compositions for treating flaviviruses and pestiviruses -

  Jean-Pierre Sommadossi (Birmingham)

8,344,132 - Methods for the preparation of 9-deazapurine derivatives - Pooran Chand  (Birmingham); Minwan Wu (Vestavia Hills); Pravin L. Kotian (Hoover); V. Satish Kumar (Birmingham); Tsu-Hsing Lin (Vestavia Hills)

8,345,669 - System and method for call transfer within an internet protocol communications network - Ashley Armstrong (Huntsville); Jason Amos (Albertville)

8,346,231 - Method and apparatus for establishing a conference call session with a wireless device - Matthew Clinton Smith (Birmingham)

December 25, 2012

8,336,377 - Adjustable measuring device - Rodney W. Robbins (Florence)

8,336,860 - Method and apparatus for gripping chain - Paul B. Powell (Castleberry); Paul L. Stephens (Oneonta)

8,339,056 - Lamp ballast with protection circuit for input arcing and line interruption - Wei Xiong (Madison); Thomas M. Poehlman (Madison)

8,339,226 - Magnetic attachment system - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark Roberts (Huntsville)

8,339,588 - Portable egg candling and containment transfer apparatus and method - Lance Foster (Collinsville)

8,340,648 - Methods and systems for delivering travel-related information - Benjamin V. Smith (Maylene)

8,341,380 - Efficient memory translator with variable size cache line coverage - James Leroy Deming (Madison); Mark Allen Mosley (Guntersville); William Craig McKnight (Harvest)

D672,989 - Modular cabinet - Edward McManic (Trussville)

D673,133 - Home phone delete key feature - Tonyua Thrash (Lockhart); James Thrash  (Lockhart)

December 18, 2012

8,333,101 - Shiftable transfer apparatus for transferring workpiece to press - Jay Shields (Gadsden)

8,333,341 - Reel with drum center support ring - Richard Long (Hartselle); John Womack (Hartselle); Charles Ball (Hartselle)

8,333,931 - Additive effect enhanced hydrogen peroxide disinfection method and apparatus - Rowland W. Kanner (Guntersville)

8,334,474 - One-sided spot welding device utilizing workpiece holding electromagnet and method of use thereof - Michael Oatridge (Birmingham); Ricky Dalton (Talladega)

D672,608 - Wine glass - Marche Reshonne Goldwire (Center Point)

D672,643 - Container - Jean-Pierre Giraud (Auburn)

December 11, 2012

8,327,871 - Multi-valve cartridge pressure regulator - Douglas M. Franklin (Cullman); John W. Brill (Cullman)

8,329,098 - Additive effect enhanced hydrogen peroxide disinfection method and apparatus - Rowland W. Kanner (Guntersville)

8,329,113 - Additive effect enhanced hydrogen peroxide disinfection method and apparatus - Rowland W. Kanner (Guntersville)

8,329,180 - Antibody selective for a tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand receptor and uses thereof - Tong Zhou (Birmingham); Robert P. Kimberly  (Birmingham); William J. Koopman (Indian Springs)

8,329,195 - Detoxified pneumococcal neuraminidase and uses thereof - David E. Briles  (Birmingham); Susan K. Hollingshead (Birmingham)

8,330,961 - Optical multi-species gas monitoring sensor and system - Kurt A. Polzin  (Owens Cross Roads); Valentin Korman (Huntsville)

8,331,244 - System and method for propagating TDM fault information through a packet network - David Eric Jones (Huntsville); Marc Kimpe (Huntsville); Harold Lloyd Boling (Madison)

8,331,621 - Vehicle image capture system - Jim Allen (Wetumpka); Sheng Zhong  (Montgomery); Raghavan Venugopal (Montgomery); Balaraju Banna (Montgomery); Xidong Zheng (Montgomery)

D672,426 - Insect trap - Clifford Warren Davis, Jr. (Prattville)

D672,475 - Decorative portal covering - Glenn D. Phillips (Oneonta)

December 4, 2012

8,322,255 - Multi-wrench gear head apparatus for adjusting vehicle tie-rods - Doug Jordan (Irondale); Jeff Nisbett (Anniston)

8,322,685 - Non-collinear valve actuator - James A. Richard (Grant)

8,323,214 - Oral testing devices and methods - Larry Hartselle (Huntsville)

8,323,511 - Method and apparatuses for connecting sanitizing and other devices to water lines - Ronald L. Barnes (Owens Cross Roads)

8,324,813 - Electronic ballast with frequency independent filament voltage control - Wei Xiong (Madison)

8,325,084 - System for calibration of dual polarization radar with built-in test couplers - William H. Walker (Madison)

8,325,340 - Method and apparatus for determining polarization-altering element parameters from full mueller matrix measurements - Matthew Smith (Madison)

8,326,451 - Inventory control and method - Hans Gregory Schantz (Huntsville); Peter J. Beucher (Owens Cross Roads)

November 27, 2012

8,316,587 - Eaves protector - Roger F. Shugart (Calera)

8,316,627 - Weed cutter - J. Phillip Fraley (Winfield); John W. Davis, III (Winfield)

8,316,884 - Safety drain system for fluid reservoir - John Dwight England (Arab); Anthony R. Kelley (Somerville); Raymond J. Cronise (Huntsville)

8,316,909 - Automatic bead seater assembly - David Strickland, Jr. (Birmingham)

8,316,988 - Shock absorbing fabric structures - Timothy M. Russell (Anniston)

8,317,346 - Vehicle side view mirror system - Rick Corum (Florence)

8,317,830 - Orthopaedic screw system with linear motion - Fred Molz (Birmingham)

8,318,063 - Injection molding fabrication method - Prakash K. Mirchandani (Hampton Cove); Michale E. Waller (Huntsville); Jeffrey L. Weigold (Huntsville); Billy D. Swearengin (New Hope)

8,319,682 - Method and apparatus for examining an object using electromagnetic millimeter-wave signal illumination - Robert A. Smith (Hampton Cove)

8,319,696 - Positioning mechanism for a spherical object - William R. Clayton  (Madison); Paul A. Gierow (Madison)

8,320,661 - Apparatus and method for extracting information from electromagnetic energy including target 3D structure and materials - Blair Allen Barbour (Madison)

D671,615 - Fishing lure - Andre Moore (Alabaster)

D671,683 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

November 20, 2012

8,312,964 - Personal emergency descender system and methods of use - Rano J. Harris, Jr. (Spanish Fort)

8,313,817 - Method of applying an electric conductive layer to selected portions of a mounting frame - Mitchell V. Bruce (Owens Cross Roads)

8,314,214 - Synthesis of azo bonded immunoregulatory compounds - Jennifer A. Riggs-Sauthier (Huntsville)

8,314,671 - Key system for enabling operation of a device - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark Roberts (Huntsville)

8,314,672 - Magnetic attachment system having composite magnet structures - Larry W. Fullerton (New Hope); Mark Roberts (Huntsville)

8,315,477 - Method and apparatus of taking aerial surveys - Elaine Acree (Madison)

D671,264 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

D671,265 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

D671,266 - Hair clip - Connie Stewart (Scottsboro)

D671,292 - Carrying cart accommodation for special needs rider - Drew Ann Long  (Alabaster); David Long (Alabaster)

November 13, 2012

8,308,140 - Terminator bracket assembly - Josef A. Boukal (Madison); Bryan F. Magee (Killen); David M. Malone (Tuscumbia); Susan R. Kavanaugh (Florence); Harry Raney (Florence)

8,308,446 - Smart blow-down system for variable frequency drive compressor units - Yan Tang (Daphne); Steven DeWayne Centers (Daphne)

8,308,836 - Continuous coarse ash depressurization system - Guohai Liu (Birmingham); Wan Wang Peng (Birmingham); Pannalal Vimalchand (Birmingham)

8,309,627 - Polymeric coating for the protection of objects - Garrett Poe (Madison)

8,309,680 - Segmented degradable polymers and conjugates made therefrom - Samuel P. McManus (Huntsville); Antoni Kozlowski (Huntsville)

8,309,760 - Process for purification of aryl carboxylic acids - Robin D. Rogers (Tuscaloosa)

8,309,944 - Grazing incidence neutron optics - Mikhail V. Gubarev (Huntsville); Brian D. Ramsey (Huntsville); Darell E. Engelhaupt (Madison)

8,310,160 - Anti-arcing circuit for current-fed parallel resonant inverter - Wei Xiong (Madison); Christopher Radzinski (Huntsville); Travis Berry (Madison); Donald Folker (Madison)

8,311,533 - Terrestrial based high speed data communications mesh network - Donald L. Alcorn (Montgomery)

8,311,854 - Medical quality performance measurement reporting facilitator - Rex Allen Stanley (Montgomery)

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