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Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Literacy & Outreach

This short web-based training will provide you with important information on taking the GED 2002 Series Tests. You will learn about the skills that are covered by each of the individual tests. You will find resources that will help you obtain additional information. With a little practice, you will develop the skills you will need to take the test.

The GED Tests include the following subjects:

  • Language Arts, Writing
  • Language Arts, Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics

The GED Tests take 7 hours and 25 minutes to complete. They have 240 questions and an original essay.  You must earn a minimum score of a 410 in each of the subject areas and an overall score of 2250 to pass the test.

GED Test Centers

GED test centers are completely separate from GED classes. They have their own offices, staff, and procedures. To find out when these centers give the GED test and what the registration procedures are, contact the Test Center closest to you.

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