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The first GED Tests were developed in 1942 to help returning World War II veterans finish their studies and re-enter civilian life. Since that time, the focus of the test has been to provide adults with an alternate method to earn a high school diploma. For many adults who have not had the opportunity to earn their high school diploma, the GED is a very important goal. To receive a GED diploma, a person must pass all five of the required tests in writing, reading, social studies, science, and math. Successfully passing these tests certifies attainment of the specific knowledge and skills that high school graduating seniors are expected to possess.

  • GED graduates include: Bill Cosby, Dave Thomas (Wendy's founder), Jim Florio (New Jersey Governor), Ben Nighthorse Campbell (U. S. Senator), Michael J. Fox
  • The General Educational Development (GED) Testing Service that develops and distributes the GED Tests is part of the American Council on Education, an association for the nation's colleges and universities.
  • Over one-million adults took the GED in 2001.
  • Over 14.7 million people have their GED.
  • The GED Tests are available in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, many U.S. territories, and most Canadian provinces.
  • Two out of three GED graduates want to continue their education.
  • More than 90 percent of U. S. colleges and universities admit students with GED diplomas.
  • Individuals who obtain scores high enough to pass the GED 2002 Series Tests outperform approximately two out of every five of today's high schools seniors.
  • People from all backgrounds take the GED Tests.
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