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subject : Carnes, Charles
Front row (left to right) seated: Eliza McClanahan; Mary Sigmund; Charles Carnes; Alice Winslow; A. H. Parker; Emma Ollie Wyatt; John Tuggle Whatley; Fannie D. White. Back row (left to right) standing: unknown; H. C. Terrell; Lillian Ha?; J. C. Micklu?; Nora Martin; Malachi Wilkerson; May Maxwell; ____ Perry (registrar).
Archives Department Collection (source)
unknown (publisher)
Black and white photograph. Dr. A. H. Parker is seated. To the right of Parker is Fannie White. Malachi Wilkerson is standing on the far right. From left to right in the back are H.C. Terrell and Charles Carnes.
Archives Department. J. L. Lowe Collection (source)
Birmingham, Ala. (publisher)
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