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subject : Franklin (State)--Maps--Early works to 1800
"Longitude du méridien de l'Isle de Fer." (Top).; "Longitude du méridien du Paris." (Bottom).; "Tom. 116. Page 134," [Histoire Universel].; This map is smaller version of a map published in 1783 under the same title, printed in Histoire Universel (vol. 116). Portions of Maine and Florida are cut off. Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia extend to the Mississippi River. Western Virginia is labeled "Kentucke" and Western North Carolina has an area labeled "Frankland." The old Northwest is identified as land ceded to the United States. In the far west, "Tecas" and "Kansez" are named.
s.n (publisher)
Brion de la Tour, Louis, -1823. (creator)
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