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subject : French--America--Maps--Early works to 1800
Prime meridian: London; Mitchell's map is one of the most important cartographic documents in American history. Editions of the map were consulted by the official representatives of Great Britain and the United States during the peace negotiations of 1782 and 1783, and it has frequently been used in subsequent North American boundary disputes.; Inset map: Nouvelle carte de la Baye D' Hudson et de Labrador; Library's copy has "Ticonderoga" misspelled as "Ticonderago" - indicating that sheet 3 is from the second impression.; Library's copy is from the 3rd edition, Mixed Impression, as described in Sellers no. 53. Sheet 3 is from the second impression; the cartouche sheet is probably from the fourth impression.; Watermarks
par le Rouge [...] rue des Grands Augustins (publisher)
Mitchell, John, 1711-1768. (creator)
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