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subject : Mexico, Gulf of--Maps--Early works to 1800
Relief shown pictorially.; Second state with Atlantic Ocean correctly named.; Shows several towns, Indian villages and tribal territory, rivers, a few channels and navigational hazards, and relief.
J. Bew (publisher)
Bew, John, d. 1793. (creator)
Lodge, John, d. 1796. (contributor)
Depths shown by soundings.; Shows grid lines, leading lines, rocky areas, anchorages, sandbanks, settlements along the coast, and place names.; Scale statement reads "English and French Leagues, 20 in a degree."; Direction lines radiate from the compass rose and from centers arranged around it.; Inset: Entrance of the River Mesashebe or Misehisipi [Mississippi].
R. Mount & T. Page (publisher)
Mount, Richard, d. 1722. (creator)
Page, T. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: Ferro.; In upper right margin: Vol. 1.; Watermarks
Published according to Act of Parliamt., Septr. 29th 1777 by W. Strahan and T. Cadell in the Strand (publisher)
Kitchin, Thomas, 1718-1784. (creator)
Multiple scales in lower left corner.; Prime meridian: [Ferro]; Relief shown by hachures.; Insert shows Baye D' Hudson and Baye de Baffin; Library copy has compass rose and three war ships.
chez l'Auteur, aux Galeries du Louvre (publisher)
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782. (creator)
Delahaye, Guillaume Nicolas 1727-1802.; Gravelot, Hubert François, 1699-1773.; Major. (contributor)
Relief shown by hachures.; Shows provinces of New Spain, areas of Indian habitation, settlements, and notable physical features.; Inset: Isles Açores ou Tercères.; In lower left: les Audiences de Guadalajara, de Mexico, et de Guatimala, forment Le Mexique ou La Nouvelle Espagne.; On verso: 44.
[publisher not identified] (publisher)
Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, 1688-1766. (creator)
Dussy, E.; Arrivet, J. (contributor)
[between 1760 and 1776]
Shows southeastern states plus part of Cuba and Bahamas.; Relief shown pictorially.; Watermark
Johannis Bogardi (publisher)
Wytfliet, Corneille. (creator)
286 added in manuscript.; Accompanied by sheet of text titled "Description des Isles Antilles par N. de Fer", numbered 287 in manuscript; Latitude and longitude given for Panama and St. Domingue.; Shows area from Bahama to northern coast of South America.
Chez l'Auteur dans l'Isle du Palais a la Sphere Royale.... (publisher)
Fer, Nicolas de, 1646-1720. (creator)
Prime meridian: Ferro; Relief shown pictorially.; In Dutch and French.; From an unidentified edition of Atlas nouveau et curieux de plus célèbres itinéraires.; Pag:49 in upper right corner of border.; Vytgeroerd to Leyden door Pieter Vander A.A. met Priviledgie; Alonzo d' Ojeda in lower right margin.
Pierre vander Aa (publisher)
Aa, Pieter van der, 1659-1733. (creator)
Vázquez de Ayllón, Lucas, 1480?-; Ojeda, Alonso de, approximately 1466-approximately 1515. (contributor)
Prime meridians: London and Ferro; Relief shown by pictorially. Depths shown by soundings.; Shows coastline from Cabo del Norte to St. Martins Keys with particular detail for the surroundings of New Orleans, Pensacola Bay, Mobile Bay, and St. Joseph's Bay; route of Spanish fleet from Vera Cruz to Havana.; Includes ship illustrations and text notes.; "Printed for Robt. Sayer, Map & Printseller, No. 53 Fleet Street, as the Act directs 20th Feby. 1775.; In upper margin: D.F. 3.
Robert Sayer (publisher)
Jefferys, Thomas, d. 1771. (creator)
Sayer, Robert, 1725-1794. (contributor)
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