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Relief shown by hachures and spot heights.; "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1839 by Daniel Burgess in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Connecticut."; Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.; Inset: Map of Mexico and Guatimala.
[Daniel Burgess & Co.] (publisher)
Smith, Roswell Chamberlain, 1797-1875. (creator)
Stiles, Sherman & Smith. (contributor)
Relief shown by hachures.; On verso: 62
A. Fullarton & Co (publisher)
Macnab, John. (creator)
Bartholomew, John, 1831-1893.; A. Fullarton & Co. (contributor)
Relief shown by hachures and spot heights.; Shows major cities, countries and European possessions, and areas of Indian habitation; coloration infers Texas and Upper or New California as separate entities from either Mexico or the United States; Oregon [British] Columbia intrudes into Oregon Territory [boundary set in 1818]; central plains labeled as Mandan and Osage Districts and Iowa [Territory]; boundary of Russian America [Alaska] as set "settled in 1825."; Includes text note.; In lower right margin: National Atlas - 37.; "Edinburgh, John Johnstone, and W. & A.K. Johnston, Glasgow, Robert Weir, _ Lumsden & Son."
John Johnstone, and W. & A.K. Johnston [etc.] (publisher)
Johnston, Alexander Keith, 1804-1871. (creator)
Johnstone, John, publisher.; Weir, Robert.; W. & A.K. Johnston Limited.; James Lumsden & Son. (contributor)
Shows boundaries, rivers and principal settlements.; Shows portions of present United States north to Missouri River and east to Mobile.; Relief shown by hachures.; Greenwich meridian.
Thomson, John, 1777- (creator)
At upper right in lower right corner of title box: Tom: VI, no. 27, pag: 101.; Box at lower left contains remarks on Mexico and Florida.
[publisher not identified] (publisher)
Chatelain, Henri Abraham. (creator)
Relief shown by hachures.; Prime meridians: Washington and London.; Text entitled "Mexico" in side panels and appendix.; Hand colored.
[Carey & Lea] (publisher)
Finlayson, J. (James) (creator)
Lea, Isaac, 1792-1886.; Carey, Henry Charles, 1793-1879.; Young & Delleker. (contributor)
Relief shown by hachures.; "Entered ... in the year 1854 by J.H. Colton ..."; Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.; Ornamental border.; Inset: Territory and Isthmus of Tehuantepec.; In lower right corner: No. 54.; Accompanied by sheet of text "The United States of Mexico".
J.H. Colton & Co (publisher)
J.H. Colton & Co. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridians: Washington and Greenwich.; From his: A new general atlas ... 1833, no. 32.
Finley, A. (Anthony) (creator)
Young & Delleker. (contributor)
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