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Descriptive text on verso.; Relief shown pictorially.
[Apud Christophorum Plantinum] (publisher)
Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; Manuscript 91 in top right margin.; Watermark
Chez Pierre Mariette (publisher)
Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667. (creator)
Mariette, Pierre, 1603-1657. (contributor)
Shows valley of Mexico at time of Spanish conquest.; Relief shown pictorially.; Inside neat line at lower left: Tome XIII. in 4o. no. 9.; Inside neat line at lower right: Tome II in 8o. page 79.; Cartouche surrounds title statement.
Hôtel de Thou ..., (publisher)
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772. (creator)
La Harpe, Jean-François de, 1739-1803. (contributor)
"C. Inselin Sculps." at lower left.; At upper right in 10 columns, place names numbered 1-314.; Ms. original in Rome drawn by Kino and dated 1696. California shown as an island.; References: Phillips, Atlases 546, no. 105; Lowery, List, no. 245; Wagner, Northwest coast, no. 462; MCC 8 (Tooley, R.V. "California as an island," no. 83); WLCL 1:347.
dans l'Isle du Palais sur le quay de l'Orloge a la Sphere Royale (publisher)
Fer, Nicolas de, 1646-1720. (creator)
Inselin, C. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Shows settlements and areas of Indian habitation in the lower portion of North America to the northwestern corner of South America.; In upper left corner: (II). In right upper corner: page. 766 V 2.
Moll, Herman, -1732. (creator)
[between 1717 and 1781]
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: London.; Hand colored.; Title in illustrative cartouche.; Inset: The Gallapagos Islands discovered & described by Capt. Cowley in 1684.; "No. 110."
[publisher not identified] (publisher)
Bowen, Emanuel, -1767. (creator)
Prime meridian [Ferro].; Relief shown pictorially.; "XXXVI" and "C32"--Upper left and right corners.; "Arrivet, inv. & sculp."
[Rigobert] Bonne (publisher)
Bonne, Rigobert, 1727-1794. (creator)
Arrivet, J. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Text inside ornate cartouche on first map.; Plate no. 8 from Ortelius' Theatrum orbis terrarum.; Verso: (text) "Cvlicana provincia" and "Cvba et Spagniola" and "8"
Christopher Plantin (publisher)
Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. (creator)
Plantin, Christophe, approximately 1520-1589. (contributor)
At upper right in lower right corner of title box: Tom: VI, no. 27, pag: 101.; Box at lower left contains remarks on Mexico and Florida.; Relief shown pictorially.; Shows political boundaries, areas of Indian habitation, cities, towns, ports, rivers, and notable physical features for North America from the Great Lakes and New England in the north to the Sea of California, all of New Spain, the West Indies, and the northwest coast of South America; "Floride" encompassing the [modern-day] southeastern states and the majority of [modern-day] Texas and Oklahoma.; This is a reduced version of Guillaume de L'Isle's 1703 Carte du Mexique et de la Florida. According to Koeman, the map appeared in Vol. VI of the 1719 and 1732 editions of Chatelain's Atlas Historique. Library also holds the uncolored 1732 printing. The worn quality of the plate used in 1719 is evident.
Chatelain (publisher)
Chatelain, Henri Abraham. (creator)
Relief shown by hachures.; Shows provinces of New Spain, areas of Indian habitation, settlements, and notable physical features.; Inset: Isles Açores ou Tercères.; In lower left: les Audiences de Guadalajara, de Mexico, et de Guatimala, forment Le Mexique ou La Nouvelle Espagne.; On verso: 44.
[publisher not identified] (publisher)
Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, 1688-1766. (creator)
Dussy, E.; Arrivet, J. (contributor)
[between 1760 and 1776]
Prime meridian:[Ferro].; Engraved by: C. Simonneau.; Below neat line at right: Ph. Buache ... avec privilege du roi.; Below cartouche: Avec privilege du roi, 1783.; Reissue of original L'Isle plate of 1703 with Buache and Dezauche imprint, change of title, and other alterations, including boundaries of United States.; Color key added at bottom to identify boundaries of respective nations or their colonies.
Dezauche, rue des Noyers (publisher)
L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726. (creator)
Simonneau, Charles, 1645-1728.; Buache, Philippe, 1700-1773.; Dezauche, Jean Claude, active 1770-1824. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Hand colored.; Cartouche frames title statement and note at lower left.; Accompanied by sheet of descriptive text.
Chez l'auteur dans l'Isle du Palais sur le quay de l'Orloge a la sphere royale avec privil du roy (publisher)
Fer, Nicolas de, 1646-1720. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; Shows cities and towns for New Spain, areas of Indian habitation; general layout of Mexico City and it's surrounding area.; From an unidentified edition the author's l'Histoire de l'Amerique.; Prime meridian: Isle de Fer.; In right upper margin: PL. III.; Does not have "Benard Direx" in right lower margin.; Covers Texas, New Mexico, and parts of California, Louisiana, and Mexico. More detail is shown in Mexico than in other territories. Shows rivers, mountainous areas, towns, Indian tribes and villages, and Fort Saint Louis, giving the date of establishment of the fort. Inset: Supplement des Environs de Mexico (Mexico City and its Environs). This map is in French.
Robertson, William, 1721-1793. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; Elaborate cartouche surrounds title statement at top right. Smaller ones surround scale at bottom left and explanations at bottom right.; Verso: Novvelle Espagne Cccccccc (text).
Iudocus Hondius (publisher)
Hondius, Jodocus, 1563-1612. (creator)
Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. (contributor)
Map in Latin. Text in French.; Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: [Ferro].; Probably detached from: Le theatre du monde, ou nouvel atlas. A Amsterdam: Chez Iean & Corn. Bleau, 1640. No. 11.; Hand colored.; Text "La nouvelle Espagne" on verso.; Includes index "Notarum Explanatio."
I. & C. Blaeu (publisher)
Blaeu, Willem Janszoon, 1571-1638. (creator)
Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673.; Blaeu, Cornelis, 1610-1648. (contributor)
Map in Latin. Text in Dutch.; Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: [Ferro].; Large ornate cartouche surrounds title at upper right.; Detached from: Toonneel des Aerdrycx oft Nieuwe Atlas. t'Amsterdam: Iohan Blaeu, 1642. No. 10.; Hand colored.; Includes index "Notarum Explanatio."; Text "Niew Spanjen" on verso.
[I. Blaeu] (publisher)
Blaeu, Willem Janszoon, 1571-1638. (creator)
Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673.; Blaeu, Cornelis, 1610-1648. (contributor)
Latitude scale shown, but not longitude.; Relief shown pictorially.; Cartouche includes scene of European trading with Native Americans.; Cartouche is fully colored.; Compass rose in lower center.; Appears in John Ogilby"s America and Arnoldus Montanus' De nieuwe en onbekende weereld
John Ogilby (publisher)
Montanus, Arnoldus, 1625?-1683.; Ogilby, John, 1600-1676. (contributor)
Shows mountains, rivers and settlements in the southern United States, Mexico and Central America.; Relief shown pictorially.; Cartography by Gastaldi.; From Ptolomaeus' La Geografia. Venice, 1561.; In upper left corner: 640; in upper right corner: 641.; Text on verso with title: Nueva Hispania trentesimaprima tavola nuova.
Gastaldi, Giacomo, approximately 1500-approximately 1565. (creator)
Ptolemy, active 2nd century. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Issued in La geografia di Claudio Tolomeo alessandrino.; California is shown as a peninsula.; On verso: Descrittione dell'America della Nvova Spagna Tavola della America.; In upper left margin: Descrittione dell'America.; In upper right margin: Libro Quartro: 130.; Title at top outside neat line "Nveva Hispania tabvla nova."; Enlarged version of Giacomo Gastaldi's map published in 1548.; 3rd of 3 known states. Includes additions of Siera Nevad and Calmifor. Includes a ship in the Pacific which is now labeled Mare Pacificvm. Golfo Mexicano is now labeled.
Ruscelli, Girolamo, -approximately 1565. (creator)
Ptolemy, active 2nd century.; Rosaccio, Giuseppe, approximately 1530-approximately 1620.; Gastaldi, Giacomo, approximately 1500-approximately 1565. (contributor)
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