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subject : National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
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Topics covered: Senator Lister Hill's speech; NAACP boycott of Jacksonville, Florida stores; mother of Massachusetts governor jailed in Florida; Nashville, Tennessee demonstration; Civil Rights bill text. These scrapbooks, compiled by librarians at the Birmingham Public Library, contain newspaper clippings relating to the Civil Rights Movement. The clippings are arranged in three subject areas: national civil rights events, Alabama events, and Mississippi events. The clippings are arranged chronologically within the subject areas.
Microfilm (source)
Birmingham Public Library (Alabama) (publisher)
29 p.; Reverend Abraham Lincoln Woods, Jr. discusses his experiences with Fred L. Shuttlesworth and The Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights
Andrew M. Manis Oral History Interviews (source)
Birmingham, Alabama (publisher)
Woods, Abraham Lincoln, Jr. (creator)
45 p.; Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth talks about the state of Alabama outlawing the NAACP.
Andrew M. Manis Oral History Interviews (source)
Birmingham Public Library (Alabama) (publisher)
Shuttlesworth, Fred L. (creator)
49 p.; Reverend Lane discusses his longtime friendship with Reverend Shuttlesworth.
Andrew M. Manis Oral History Interviews (source)
Cincinnati, Ohio (publisher)
Lane, Terry Lee (creator)
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