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The Nixon Building, built about 1922, is located on the corner of Ensley Avenue and 20th Street with its front side facing south on 20th Street. It is a two story brick building, painted white and of medium size. The significance of the building is its locateion on the corner of Tuxedo Junction, a Birmingham Electric Trolley Company crossing which was the main social hub of the Birmingham Black community in the 1920's and 1930's. The building contained a dance hall which, along with night clubs across the street was about the only place in Birmingham where Blacks could meet socially in the pre-World War II era. It was in the Nixon building dance hall where Erskine Hawkins, a vocalist and band leader, entertained. Hawkins later immortalized this district with his composition of "Tuxedo Junction."
Archives Department, Jefferson County Historical Commission (source)
Norris, Ray (publisher)
Norris, Ray (contributor)
September 1972
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