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subject : Ocean currents--Pacific Ocean--Maps--Early works to 1800
No longitude or latitude markings, except Equator.; Relief shown pictorially.; Shows ocean currents by shading, vague coastal detail for the Sinus Mexicanus [Gulf of Mexico], major islands off the southeast coast of North America; flaming volcanoes along the coast of "Chili," the island of Terra del Fuego, and a large walled lake in west central South America.; Includes ship illustrations.; In upper right: Tomus I. 155.; Similar maps attributed to Athanasius Kircher.
J. Janssonii & E. Weyerstraet (publisher)
Kircher, Athanasius, 1602-1680. (creator)
Janssonius van Waesberge, Johannes, active 1642-1681.; Weyerstraten, Elizaeus, -1667? (contributor)
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