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subject : United States Post Office (Birmingham, Ala.)
Papers are arranged alphabetically by subject. The Papers, which consist of correspondence, memos, and reports, are the office files kept by "Bull" Connor during his last five years as Commissioner of Public Safety of the City of Birmingham, Alabama.
Theophilus Eugene ‘Bull’ Connor Collection Number 268, Archives Department. (source)
Birmingham, Ala. (publisher)
Connor, Eugene, 1897-1973 (creator)
Black and white copy of an old photograph showing the old Birmingham Post Office, also known as the Wright Building, at 300 Nineteenth Street North. The original photograph was made in the 1890s. To the right of the post office is the First Methodist Church of Birmingham.
Oscar V. Hunt Collection 1075, Archives Department (source)
O.V. Hunt (publisher)
Hunt, Oscar V., 1881-1962 (creator)
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