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This Manual, in which Brook’s inscription is found, is Brook’s personal copy of the manual which appears to be typewritten guidelines for the statewide beautification programs administered by the WPA nationwide. Within it Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Horticultural Papers have been inserted. Other copies of the manual were given to WPA project supervisors, all of whom reported to Brooks, the Alabama supervisor for approval of their local WPA project plans. Brooks’ dates in this position are not referenced other than by the 1939-1940 and 1940-1941 Lists of Accomplishments and a 1943 summary report. Typescripts placed in the front of the Brooks’ Manual: Landscape Design in Parks (These being instructions to designers of WPA parks. ) History of Beautification, Jan. 1943 (This typescript outlines the administrative framework through which the Alabama WPA functioned over a seven-year period leading to January 1943 (1935-1942?). Brooks has hand-edited the typescript.) Radio talk on the Azalea Trail, March 1935 in Mobile. (This trail predates Birmingham’s rose trail.) WPA List of Accomplishment-State Beautification for 1939-40 and for 1940-41 These financial summaries include the following project categories: cuttings made, trees /shrubs planted, vines/bulbs planted, arboretum, schools, cemeteries, parks, parkways, street planting, landscaping public buildings, nurseries/greenhouses, and airport development. Within the four statewide districts, Covington and Jefferson counties were the most active participants, with the highest expenditures of funds; the work in Birmingham was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce Beautification Committee with Hamilton in charge at this time. Original typescript copies of Extension Service Horticultural Papers, API, Auburn by Homer S. Fisher, Extension Service Landscape Gardner, Auburn. The Horticultural Papers, which appear to date to the late 1930s, are herewith listed: ·Appreciation of Landscape Architecture, includes planting plan for Farm Home Grounds · The Lawn · Growing and Caring for Annuals and Perennials, includes list of native plants for ornamental use ·Fertilizing, Mulching, Growing Ornamental Plants, includes list of annuals and perennials and list of natives for home garden ·Propagation of Plants ·Flower Arrangement ·Making the Plan of the Farm Home Grounds, May 25, 1936 ·Landscaping the Farm Home Grounds “In general it is best to use plants that will not require very much pruning, watering, and cultivation.” ·A Three Year Home Grounds Improvement Program, with outlines for each of the three years, includes agent’s check list ·Study of Ornamental Shrubs and Trees ·Transplant Shrubs and Trees ·Insects, Diseases, Other Pests of Ornamental Plants and Their Control ·Highway Beautification and Improvement of Entrances to Towns and Cities ·Development of Town and City Streets
Birmingham, Ala. (publisher)
Brooks, Marion Thomas, 1897-1977 (creator)
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