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Relief shown pictorially.; This is one of the first maps of the world to employ Gerhard Mercator's method, invented in 1569, of projecting a sphere onto a flat surface. While this method distorts dimensions as one moves away from the Equator, any straight line drawn on such a map maintains true directions, a particularly useful feature for navigation.; By 1603 cracks developed on the edge of the plate and by the 1620's cracks extended in two places almost completely across the top box containing the title. Library's copy shows no evidence of cracks.; Latin text in four columns below map titled "De Mundi creatione ac constitutione brevis instructio". No text on verso.
[Rumold Mercator] (publisher)
Mercator, Rumold, ca. 1545-1599. (creator)
Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. (contributor)
Ao. M.D. LXXXVII [1587]
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