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PAPER Central Arts Magazines Lib. Has v.1 (Nov. 1957)-v.2 (Dec. 1958),v.3 (Sept. 1959)-v.3 (March 1960),v.11 (Sept. 1967)-v.11 (March 1968),v.13 (Sept. 1969)-v.13 (June 1970),v.16 (Sept. 1972)-v.16 (June 1973),v.18 (Sept. 1974)-v.18 (June 1975),v.19 (Sept. 1975)-v.19 (June 1976),v.21 (Sept. 1977)-v.21 (March 1978),v.22 (Sept. 1978)-v.22 (June 1979),v.23 (Sept. 1979)-v.23 (March 1980),v.24 (Sept. 1980)-v.24 (June 1981),v.26 (Sept. 1982)-
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