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Drawing on their hugely popular BBC Radio 4 show More or Less,, journalist Michael Blastland and internationally known economist Andrew Dilnot delight, amuse, and convert American mathphobes by showing how our everyday experiences make sense of numbers.
How did a country wracked by civil war, devastated by famine, and overshadowed by tyranny incubate a major breakthrough in modern mathematics? In the origins of descriptive set theory, Graham and Kantor confront the puzzling cultural dynamics that converted religious mysticism into mathematical insight. Booklist Reviews
Reference Books
This is the first major sourcebook in English for the history of mathematics in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, and the Middle East. It is notable for the wide variety of sources, which will challenge preconceptions everywhere, as well as for the clarity and force of the introductions to the mathematical cultures on display.
Clearly passionate about math, Weisstein, an astronomer, began compiling this one-man labor-of-love reference about 14 years ago during his college days. Topics reflect the author's interests, as he says, his "own random walk through mathematics," rather than a fixed set of criteria. Differing from other math dictionaries, this one contains extensive cross referencing to related entries as well as internet sites; the entries contain both standard and popular references; and the abundant examples include explicit formulas and derivations. Weisstein has added about 3,600 new entries to this second edition (which is about one-third larger than the first, published in 1999), updated everything (including bibliographies), and enhanced many entries by incorporating Mathematica commands (for performing calculations and producing graphical displays and illustrations). At more than 3,000 pages (necessarily thin paper, to fit in one volume), this work is a unique reference and a terrific value pricewise.
Imagine a world in which ultimate power rested in the hands of those with the most advanced knowledge of mathematics. That's the premise of this series of mathematical problem-solving games. On their assigned missions in this strange world, players will encounter challenges to their knowledge of various mathematical concepts.
Shapes, patterns, and symmetry are the central themes at the Geometry Center of Science U, which also boasts an observatory, library, and studio. The site is colorful and entertaining and is aimed at middle school students.
In Algebra for Students, students will learn about the power of algebra as a tool for representing, analyzing and generalizing situations, and will explore several functions, including linear, quadratic and exponential.
Complete guide to first year algebra including problem solutions and test taking strategies.
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