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The Personal Finance resource page provides a broad array of financial resources for individuals and has a good sampling of what the Birmingham Public Library offers in terms of books, databases, and recommended websites.
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Author Jonathon Pond covers what almost all financial advisors would agree are most important financial issues an individual will face. The author points to solutions on how to get out of debt, save, invest, have the proper insurance coverage. This is an excellent book and one well worth the time.
Easy Money provides a practical, easy-to-understand guide to taking control of your personal finances and establishing financial security. Like most financial advice books, this collection covers the basics, such as creating a financial toolkit, investing, planning for retirement, and saving for college.
Stock and mutual fund reports. Portfolio X-Ray feature allows user to create portfolio to see how investments work together. Screener feature allows user to identify stocks or funds meeting their personal criteria.
Requires a JCLC card and residence in Birmingham, AL.
30 Days to Financial Fitness
How to Get Started Investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds
Quick Guide to Morningstar  1 page quick guide
Morningstar User Guide  Comprehensive user guide to Morningstar
Why choose Morningstar?  Premium database vs. the free web.
Investing for the Long Run  A free guide with strategies and solutions to help you shape up your personal finances. Compliments of your library and Morningstar. (PDF)
Personal Finance
Bankrate is a neatly arranged web site offering comparative rates on mortgages, online banking, credit unions, credit cards, IRA's, ATM charges, and home equity rates among other items. The site includes calculators that allow visitors to compute how long it will take to pay off a credit card debt, how much house one can afford, the cost of sending a child to college, how much an auto lease will really cost, etc. This free website is an excellent resource.
The Motley Fool offers entertaining advice, irreverent opinions, and a lively discussion forum. An extremely valuable site for beginning investors. Online tutorials are available. Some services require a registration, which is free.
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