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Sep. 13, 2010
A guide to eating strategically for weight loss shares dietary secrets that can help readers to make informed food choices, providing hundreds of substitutes for specific foods with high calories, fat, and sodium.
Provides readers with a preparatory look at the exciting field of sport and exercise nutrition, including its foundational concepts and the diverse career options available. With this one-stop resource, students thinking of entering the field, athletes, and those working with athletes will gain a basic understanding of how nutrition affects sport performance and exercise training.
Cites the reasons why people have become so confused about their dietary choices and discusses the importance of enjoyable moderate eating of mostly traditional plant foods.
Nutrition for Foodservice and Culinary Professionals covers core nutritional topics such as carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and dietary needs from a culinary perspective.
A noted Manhattan nutritionist outlines an eight-step program for bolstering one's energy levels and mental clarity, in a guide that features coverage of such topics as appropriate water consumption, protein, and weight loss.
Provides nutrition, exercise, and well-being plans for achieving a balanced life and includes such tools as a goal-setting worksheet, a food diary checklist, a body mass index table, recipes, and nutrition tips.
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