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Alcohol Abuse
Stephen Wallace points out the “reality gap” separating parents and adults from young people at the time they need them most—adolescence—and offers concrete solutions to bridge this gulf. Grounded in hard facts with practical, common-sense advice, Reality Gap combines Wallace’s 25-plus years of experience working with young people as a school psychologist, adolescent counselor, camp director, and college professor with groundbreaking research on adolescent attitudes and behaviors from SADD.
Essays discuss the physical and social effects of drinking alcohol on teenagers, the effectiveness of current government and college policies, and the role the media plays in underage drinking.
The author offers advice on twelve-step recovery programs, describing his initial resistance to a faith-based approach and how it changed his life and became sober and rebuilt his self-image.
In this book, Levy helps people take control of their alcohol problems by teaching them how to think about and address their drinking habits.
The journey from alcoholic insanity to sobriety -- and the pivotal role of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in navigating that transition -- is the focus of this book. Last Call offers perspectives on how and why AA is the most effective alcoholism treatment program in the world.
Drug Abuse
This book is a reference guide with answers to many questions people have about addiction and addictive behaviors of all kinds, including drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, Internet usage, and more.
Offers an effective if unorthodox approach designed to help parents take aim at the problem of addiction by explaining how to impart the fundamental skills and values that will protect youngsters and keep experimentation from turning into a more dangerous dependency.
Essays discuss drug abuse, covering such topics as the why people abuse drugs, the legalization of marijuana, the effectiveness treatment options, and American laws and policies relating to substance abusers.
Details the extent of the problem, describes how addicts obtain prescription drugs, looks at the most commonly abused prescription drugs, and suggests methods of prevention and treatment.
Provides comprehensive information on substance abuse terms and phrases, and includes a table of controlled substances and the medications used to treat their abuse.
Meth Abuse
This is the first book to expose every aspect of the epidemic for the general reader. From the perspective of experts in drug addiction and doctors, law enforcement, and stories from addicts and former addicts, Iced is a scary but compelling portrait of a seductive killer.
The Clems were a family living the American dream until their fifteen-year-old daughter Carren became addicted to Meth. This story is told both from Carren's perspective and from the perspective of her father Ron, a former LA police officer who went back to being a cop to try to rescue his daughter.
The dramatic story of the methamphetamine epidemic as it sweeps the American heartland—a timely, moving, very human account of one community’s attempt to battle its way to a brighter future.
The definitive book on the impact of methamphetamine on individuals, communities, and society by two of America's leading addiction and criminal justice experts.
An inside look at the growing drug epidemic of methamphetamine use in every socioeconomic group across America follows the users, creators, couriers, and law enforcers as it traces the hidden history of the drug.
Tobacco Abuse
Examines methods used by smokers to stop, discusses why people smoke and why they keep going back, and provides ten techniques to begin a healthy, smoke-free life.
A program introduced on The Oprah Winfrey Show combines psychological techniques with smoking-cessation aids including nicotine gum and patches, outlining straightforward methods that address key physical, emotional and situational obstacles.
This book is a comprehensive guide and motivational tool for those desiring to become tobacco free and remain that way, as well as for those who wish to help others quit.
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