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The IIDA Alabama Chapter is a very active chapter of IIDA in the Southeast covering the entire state of Alabama. Membership is over 220 members of professional, associate, industry, and student member designations. The organization offers many valuable programs and events throughout the year to the membership and the local design community. (adapted from web site)
This site contains information about German companies, events and business opportunities in Alabama, and Alabama companies, events, and business opportunities in Germany
HICA is a 501(c)3 social service organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for Latinos in Alabama, and provides access to Spanish interpreters.
In the spring of 2003, members of AGS and other volunteers began a project to index a three-volume set of books shelved at the Birmingham Public Library. They contain a wealth of information about people, places, and events of interest to historians and genealogists. In May of 2005, a consolidated index of all three volumes was completed, printed, bound and donated to the library. Researchers will find the index invaluable when researching information found in "Sketches".
To enlighten and educate the public, industry professionals and policymakers about design, construction and maintenance practices for environmentally sustainable living, inspiring them to action.
Grow Alabama is a statewide community-supported agriculture program working to preserve a vital way of life and to give people access to locally grown, organic produce. GA gives our community a direct connection to the family farms of Alabama. Members not only buy more nutritious, flavorful food, they keep millions of dollars from leaving the state and help preserve a rich farming tradition from vanishing forever. GA will deliver locally grown vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy products, even fresh meats to your home, office, or to a central pick-up point near you, from Alabama’s family farms. (adapted from web site)
AWGGA's mission is 1) to promote the production of Alabama grapes for use in winemaking by commercial wineries and by amateur wine makers and to disseminate information; 2) to lobby with the state legislature in order to sustain and enhance commercial wine making opportunities in Alabama using the model winery concept as presented by the national organization Wine America; 3) and to encourage research in all aspects of Alabama commercial grapevine industry and advance the efforts of grape growing interests. (adapted from web site)
Spend the day touring Alabama wineries. Several itineraries are given, grouped by geographical regions.
Eight Alabama food banks serve hundreds of churches and other nonprofit agencies. Over 30 million pounds of food a year are distributed to those in need by the Alabama Food Bank Association. .
The Farmers Market Authority (FMA) is a state agency established to assist in the marketing of agricultural products by providing information, leadership, and modern facilities necessary to move agricultural products from the farm to the consumer. This assures the consumer a better quality product at a reasonable price and a fair return to the producer by providing a convenient, dependable place through which producers and buyers may carry on the process of marketing.
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